Sound Devices
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Sound Devices user reviews

  • Sound Devices 744T

    Sound Devices 744T - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by marceloMicro/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I used it to record a one man show. Pros: Easy setup. Just plug it in, check the setup in an easy accessible menu and record. i hate the inverted selection wheel it's r…

Translated user reviews
  • Sound Devices 702

    Sound Devices 702 - Pierre-M's review


    The ergonomics are superb, the unit is very easy to use: - Fast Ignition count 2/3 seconds, very handy when the unexpected sound technology. - Option to launch the automatic recording industry. - Good visibility LEDs in daylight and good visibi…

  • Sound Devices 302

    Sound Devices 302 - " Good Good Good!"


    Okay, bought used in a way aesthetic condition, the qualities of operation of this 3-way mixer had not been affected. Robust, easy to use and configurable, it has all the necessary methods for making sound: Stereo Link, dematrixer m / s, configurab…

  • Sound Devices USBPre

    Sound Devices USBPre - Potikinawah's review


    cf UTILIZATION cf GETTING STARTED cf OVERALL OPINION I have owned for 2 years. Nothing to complain about the quality of production, sound etc ... The problem is that drivers do not (or more) take the road. I regularly found with click…

  • Sound Devices HX-3

    Sound Devices HX-3 - " A nomad's very professional"


    Battery-powered headphone amplifier for up to 3 headphones Well, this is not my first headphone amp (Fostex PH-5, Fostex PH-50, Samson Q5) and it will not last (he'll need a rack) but now I needed a that runs on batteries for outdoor applications a…

  • Sound Devices 552

    Sound Devices 552 - " The mixer / recorder ideal" has images


    -Connections: I use the XLR connectors, but there are also mini-jack connections, Hirose 10 points and TA3. With the optional AES-EBU, the sortiessont hybrid digital / analog (selectable in menu). Headphones jack and mini-jack. -5 Channels mic / li…

  • Sound Devices 302

    Sound Devices 302 - " Excellent mixer"


    See site and other reviews. Note its lightness and compactness. UTILIZATION I use it professionally in documentary filming. A Portabrace bag and a harness I can perch safely Often with the output RF transmitters and tape recorder output. Like…

  • Sound Devices MixPre

    Sound Devices MixPre - yagp's review


    Portable analog mixer - 66 dB max gain - 2 "Mic" input XLR, with or without food "phantom" (48V or 15V) - 1 input "tape RTN" (for monitoring) - 2 output "line" XLR - 1 output "line" stereo mini-jack - Output 1 "headset" jack stereo - En…

  • Sound Devices 302

    Sound Devices 302 - Cario-K's review


    The taient CHARACTERISTICS have deficits above. In terms of battery power is a problem, why when you use Disable always phantom power when not ncessaire & Avoid to power led max, otherwise it's battery-hungry! UTILIZATION Simple & most effectiv…

  • Sound Devices 302

    Sound Devices 302 - Filinthe's review


    It is very small and not intended to be "rack", as its connectors occupy the two sides. But DIYers have enough imagination to fix it in a rack if necessary (as preamp). 3 inputs (Mic / Line), supplied individually (or not) into 12 volts or 48 volts…