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Thread Comments about the feature article: For the Joy of It

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1 Comments about the feature article: For the Joy of It
For the Joy of It
Talk about an impressive career—Ed Cherney has produced or engineered a veritable who’s who of iconic musicians including Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones, Buddy Guy, Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder and countless others.

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To the question by Fanzine: "As a guitar player, I typically think I can record a better solo if I keep doing takes, but usually it’s one of the early ones that’s best. It’s hard to realize that at the time, though." Ed's answer about losing the 'God Damn joy' and 'doing it again', reminds me of being at a Joe Cocker session at Sound City once and Richard Tee walks in to do some piano. I was the piano tech and was in the room when they said they wanted to run the track for him to hear it. When they ran it Richard played some really fantastic stuff not having heard anything. At the end, he asked them to run it again and he would play the part. They said, " No, we've got what we want! Come in and have a listen!" All done and dusted: total time, less than ten minutes, not bad for a triple session rate guy! I doubt that he was even at the studio for more than a half hour after listening back he was OK with it and went on to his next session! Fantastic!
Great interview......thanks!
Fantastic interview Ed, I got sidetracked by your comment. As you know I have been following you for more than 35 years now, criss-crossing between studios in Hollywood and West LA. Great stuff!