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Thread what i may need for my studio

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1 what i may need for my studio
wat up, i just got a question on if i need more things for my studio.
right now i am on a little budget but i will still spend no more than 600 hundred for more equipment until im off my budget.

i have now:

tascam 2488 digital recorder
roland mc-808
yamaha MM6 keyboard
m-audio oxygen midi keyboard
2 akg headphones
mxl 990 and 991 mics with mic stand

is there anything else i might need or really do need?
You just need your monitor equipment, i.e. studio amp, and monitor speakers. These will really vary in price depending on your budget. The 2488 has all the fx you need - for now. You can purchase external boxes for these tasks. I hook up external boxes to my 2488 for mixing and mastering. It works well.