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Thread home recording on my pc

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1 home recording on my pc
hi there guys, im trying to record my bass on to my pc but not getting much luck. my soundcard is a sb audigy 2 by creative studios, and the software i have available is cubase vst32 and sonic sound forge 4.5, bass is ibanez sr1200 and amp is ampeg svt3pro. can someone please help i am a bit confused to where i plug my leads, how to set up my amp and pc. my soundcard has no guitar jack, so i will b using an adapter on my lead into the soundcard. also at the back of my amp is a balanced/unbalanced line output, is that the one that i use to go to my soundcard?
You will need to first plug your amp output (balanced or not will not help) to an adapter that will convert the signal to a stereo 1/8" jack. Then plug this jack to the "Line In" of your soundcard (NOT the "Mic In"). You may need more than one adapter to do the connection between a 1/4" mono jack (amp output) to a 1/8" stereo jack (for your soundcard).