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Thread How To Get Rid Of The Background Noise

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1 How To Get Rid Of The Background Noise
Ok, to begin, heres the eqipment im using:

behringer eurorack ub 1002 mixer, m-audio delta 1010 lt sound card, marshall mxl 990/ behringer ultavoice xm8500 mics, adobe audition 1.5, sony mdr-7506 pro headphones, an ibanez acoustic guitar, a shecter omen 6 electric guitar, and a fender delux 112 plus amp (I inherited them all, except for the sound card and headphones, so even if its all relatively cheap gear its what ive got.)

Im trying to record vocals, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar.

My question: How do i eliminate the buzzy, hissy, fuzzy undertone background noise? Should i record all my vocals dry and then add effects and such on the computer?

Be honest, if i need to buy new stuff, like new mics, tell me. Plus im in a pretty open non sound proof room so if theres anything i can do to fix that let me know. Im on a real tight budget but id like to know what my opions are.