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Thread Sync tracks in Cool Edit Pro

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1 Sync tracks in Cool Edit Pro
I'm just starting out with Cool Edit and ran into a problem. I have a basic 4-track cassette Tascam unit to record. My idea was to dump those tracks into Cool Edit tracks so I can have more than 4. The problem is that the tracks are slightly out of sync with each other when I record them from the Tascam into Cool Edit. What is the best way to sync them up? I have tried doing a little deleting at the beginning of a track, but it doesn't work well.
i'm new to this too but try this:
in multitrack view, highlight only the waveform (beginning of first sound to end of last sound) in track X
right-click and then left-click adjust boundaries
now you have an unmoved, "truncated" wav
(do that with as many tracks as you need to)
now right-click and drag that sucker back and forth until it matches up with the other tracks

oh yeah, the closer you zoom in horizontally, the smaller the intervals of movement when you drag the wav

hope that helps