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Thread Major MBox help - Pro Tools mainly

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1 Major MBox help - Pro Tools mainly
I just received my Mbox in the mail. I am fairly new to recording and heard it was one of the best on the market for a decent price. I installed it last night, and I have all the system requirements met. My problem is: I've figured out the differences between the inputs, and I can listen in on my headphones as I play something on guitar or sing... but when I push record on the pro tools interface, it blinks as if it is recording, but it doesn't record. One thing you are probably thinking is, am i hooked up right? Yes, I am because I can see when I reach a peak on the microphone.. but it just seems as though it records but doesn't. I know this is some simple problem, but I've been trying to figure it out for hours.

Someone please help me. I'll be indebt to you. :D

I've never worked with pro tools, but I'd be willing to bet that you have not got the record track set up properly. You most likely have to select a track, select the source for the track (the input from the left or right input from the MBox), and then arm the track.

I'm betting that you are not selecting the source for the track correctly.
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Hmm, well you say that you get a signal, that you can see it on the track your supposed to record on.. that should mean that the inputs are ok. I assume that you have the record button on the track enabled, and then the big record button on the transport.. after you actually press the big record button you have to press play too!!
But if you have done all this, i can't think of anything right now.
Did you get a DVD with your package (Pro Tools Method One), if you did try watch it, they have som really basic steps one how to set up correctly.

But i'll post something if i come up with anything, i'm gonna be reinstalling windows soon.. see if i can get my mbox working!!
Oh my god, You are the best. You won't believe it but you were correct. I wouldn't push the play button when i hit record. I didn't know I was supposed to. What kind of music do you record with your MBox? I'm really into pagan folk metal.

Thanks again for your great help!!!

Heh :P thx.. sometimes it's just something too simple to notice.

Oh i haven't really recorded so much.. some of my own songs, but i'm actually into metal myself.. and pagan folk metal.. that sounds so cool.. you have to give me some clips of that!! Btw are you from Scandinavia?