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Thread Help with beginning computer recording set up

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1 Help with beginning computer recording set up
Hi, I'm looking to start recording on a computer/laptop. I already have a mic (sm57) and software (acid 5.0 and cool edit 2.0). I am looking for the best rig to use on my computer to make quality recordings of acoustic instruments mainly. I've experimented with plugging the mic into a 4-track (boss br-532) and plugging that into my computer's line-in and mic-inputs, and even when tinkering with settings, sensitivity/volume controls, the sound I get is still bad with too much hiss and a horrible feedback-like sound that persists when I play a little louder especially on bass notes.

I'm really concerned more with quality tone than features/conveniences. I play mainly acoustic guitar and I want it to be nice and clean and to pick up intricate stuff -- I'd like to be able to hear my fingers essentially. Do I need to get an audio interface or is there an alternative? I'm trying not to spend too much (around $100 would be nice) but if its worth it, I'll consider more. Thanks.
To do what you want, you will need a good dedicated audio interface witn phantom power and a couple of good mic pre's, as well as at least one good condenser microphone. $100 won't do it- probably more like $500.
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