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Thread need help asap

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1 need help asap
im getting this message when i try to play back or rec on the mbox 2.... dis comes up in protools
andio processing conflicting with other CPU task. if this occurs, reducing the h/w buffer size ect....... but when i do it it then tell me to increse but when i do that again i get the sma emessages i need help asap please.....
Soounds like you have a resource conflict. You need to look closely at your Device Manager and your BIOS and see if there's anything using the same IRQ, DMA, or memory addresses as the USB port the Mbox is on. You might also try unhooking and uninstalling everything and starting over.
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Or just go up to Hardware up top in the tool bar and go to hardware and then rase the sample rate to a higer number.