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Thread Help with production

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1 Help with production
Please can someone give me some advice. I've been making music on my pc for about 4 years and although I'm fairly happy with the results, when I listened to the new rave cd from NME and the latest mixmag compilation I realised how far away from the professionals I am in terms of production.(although my tracks aren't really intended for the dancefloor) I use Cakewalk Homestudio with shitloads of softsynths/drum machines a microkorg and samples with a creative 5.1 soundcard and surround/sub system. I'm wondering if it's the speakers that are holding me back My tracks are online at www.myspace.com/silverfoxx. Any pointers would be gratefully received
one thing is theyre prolly using actual rack equiptment and synths and stuff which adds more depth and harmonics and stuff. it just "sounds" better than something a computer can make. and second, theyre getting it mastered by a seperate mastering studio prolly, most projects put about 10k$ towards mastering alone when budgeting. i like your song knowledge magazine alot. sweet bass. i make music using reason, you can listen at soundclick.com/erkaudio