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Thread home recording newbie in need of guidance plz

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1 home recording newbie in need of guidance plz
hey guys im absolutly useless at recording when it comes to eqing i have no idea but thats another topic what i was wondering is how to get a decent sounding track im on acer laptop with a realtek soundcard ac37 or something i plug my guitar and mics in through my input at the side via my zoom mrs 1266 digi studio was just wondering what would be the best recording software and also the best software for reall as possible sounding drums for complex changing songs like if the song changes tempo or goes a completly diff direction i can make the drums change aswell and the easiest if possible as im starting out cheers for any help :) ps:fed up writing songs and never getting them finished and forgetting about them so just wanna do them justice thanks
well IMO you need a cheap condensor mic and a pre-amp that feeds it 48v phantom power. maybe a decent soundcard and any of many multitrack recording programs.