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Thread Sampling from vinyl with Edirol FA-66

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1 Sampling from vinyl with Edirol FA-66
Hello all,
I want to sample some vinyl for use with Kontakt2 software (soft sampler) on a mac powerbook. The Edirol FA-66 interface I use has two RCA ins (line 3 and 4), which I thought would make this operation a breeze. Yet I can't seem to channel the audio thru to the mac. I've tried recoring from audio editors such as Audacity and sequencers such as Live. Nothing works so far. Both softwares allow me to record using the Edirol's line 1 (mic-preamp), but not the RCAs, although I have enabled these inputs in the recording software.

Does anyone out there know this interface? Can anyone offer a solution?

Sorry John, you've got a bunch of gear and software I've never played with!
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
No, need.
Thanks axeman.

I found the answer on a thread of the Ableton Live forum, where the word 'pre-amp' came up in a discussion. The signal from the turntable had to be boosted by a preamp. I was under the impression that the edirol had that covered, but only certain jack inputs are preamplified, not the RCAs. I now run the signal through the preamp of my dad's old hi-fi system, a top-notch Yamaha C-45, and the sound is faithfully reproduced in a Live clip--sweet.