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Thread Monitor speaker dilemma!!!!!!

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1 Monitor speaker dilemma!!!!!!

i'm thinking of buying a cheap monitoring speakers and i found Behringer 1C is a good deal.

the question is..izit really for monitoring or normal usage.coz that is the only 'close-to-monitor speaker' i can afford right now.currently i'm monitoring my mixing trough my sony hi-fi speakers and its soooo not linearly responded...

could anyone pls help me...should i buy the behringer 1C or its not ganna make worth difference with my hi-fi???
to all who use behringer monitors im sorry in advance.
these things sound like crap. i ran with trueth monitors for a while and hated them.
i would suggest a 2.1 system from bluesky. they sound great and the price is not bad at either.
around $500 for the whole system. they are used widely among the industry for example pixar uses them.
near feild's are a funny thing .. i feel you don't normally have to spend alot and buy the most expensive pair of monitors that are linear and have a large freq range .. basically think of it this way .. what speakers are the genereal consumers listening to ? and are they hearing what you are hearing ?.. the answer is that the general public will listen to your mix on full range bookshelf speakers and no they are not hearing wut you are hearing if you are using high end monitors.. thats why alot of engineers used to carry a boom box or bookshelf's with them to tha studio to see wut the mix will sound like on cheaper commercial speakers.. thats where such speakers as the infamous NS-10's , they are bookshelf speakers that enginers used till it was almost a standard... although they are no longer so popular.. sound too middy ... but my point is that you can get away with buying a decent power amp with and a nice set of full range bookshelf is you want to go cheap , or actually you can buy a nice m-audio or alesis .. they are cheap and pre-powered .. don't go crazy with the speakers it's all hype for you to spend money .. the real magic happens in your ears and how you can properly set up your speakers by minimizeing room reflections by difusing instances with splayed walls and ceilings and of course bass traps .. and generally aim them at your self and make sure you are in the center of the mix but far back enough to hit your sweet spot .. now it's just a fact of getting to know your freq repsonse on your speakers , this can be done buy playing a freq or pink /white noise.. raise the low and and play a mic in the center of your mix , now se a spectrum analzer and analyze wuts coming off your speakers from your mic .. see if it is an acuarate represantation of the orig, now do this with all your freq cycles. then your goal is to set your eq so everything coming in is flat ------------ a lil bounce is normal but generally close ... now just use that eq setting and bassically everything will sound flat or more linear, the u should be able to make acurate gains and notch's from that linear state..and you now have good speakers.. but if you want bass buy somthing with a lil bigger sub .. maybee an 8 or 12 inch .. somthin to get the 60-30 ... good luck i hope i wasn't scattered wth what i was sayin , i tend to rush through my words sometimes ..