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Thread Track Parameters and how I work them into my vocals

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1 Track Parameters and how I work them into my vocals
Hello. I'm new to the board so this is my first post. I have seen vocal recording questions on here already, so I don't want to sound redundant...but I'm in the process of recording some vocals to my songs. I'm using a Zoom MRS 802CD recorder (which I recommend to anyone looking for a good unit under $1,000). Anyway, I don't want my vocals to overshadow my music or visa versa. So once your music is recorded and then you record your vocals do you keep the tracks at the same volume level? Tips on this would be great. Also, since I am new to this whole home recording thing I don't know a whole lot about these track parameters that I can use. I've got EQ high, EQ low, pan, chorus, delay, reverb that I can use for all of my tracks. Could someone please fill me in on the importance of each of these as it relates to my vocals and my beats. I do hiphop/R&B music. I use an MPC to do my beats, so most of the effects I add there....so this is mainly for my vocals. I'd appreciate some imput on this. So to anyone who supplies it I'll thank you now.

well what youre talking about is the mix, i think, what you want to hear can only be mixed by yourself, or someone who knows exactly WHO you want to sound like, id say, listen to your favorite artists, and find points in their tracks where you can judge the volume levels and FX in relation to other things happening in the track, this is always a good idea

so when youve got your recording made, and youre going to mix it all together and maybe add some FX and EQ, listen to your favorite song you want to emulate for a few minutes, then immediately go back to mixing your track, im not saying you have to copy the mix and production, but its a good reference for audio level ratios such as vocals to drums