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Thread Weak Mic Recording???

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1 Weak Mic Recording???
I have a Tascam US-428 USB to Cool Edit Pro. I've gotten most of it set up. Now, I have a few ???

1) When I run a Shure SM57 to mic my amp into the mixer, the recorded volume is way too low. I can barely hear it during playback no matter what I do. If I plug the guitar straight into the input line of the mixer, the volume comes out desirable, but of course I don't want to cut out my amp. What to do?

2) Right now, to monitor the output of the mixer, I have RCA jacks from the mixer line out a cheapo stereo's line in. There are all kinds of cuts, skips, and pauses during playback. Is there anything I could do. Would getting a digital stereo/line out as opposed to RCA make a difference. I need a new stereo anyway.

Thanks for any help
Cutouts skips and pauses during playback are usually a digita;/computer problem, not an analog problem with your stereo or the connections to it. The most common cause of skips, cutouts and pauses are IRQ or buffer size problems in your computer or recording software.

If your mic sounds weak, first make sure you're running it into a mic input vice a line input. Second, look at the record level meters in your software and make sure te gain on the input preamp are turned up high enough on the input device. Third, if all those are good, an outboard compressor can help weak signals, but I don't think I'd start here. It sound like one of the first two......
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