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Thread Moniters Vs. Amps

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1 Moniters Vs. Amps
I am looking to turn my jam room (about 10' X 20') into a Home Studio. I have purchased software, mics, preamps, and other goodies. I have a lot of questions about my "setup", but i would like to start with moniters vs. amps. I have two more rooms in my basement to place a guitar amp and bass cab, mic em up, and run into my jam room (console room). But I wanted to keep it a jam room for band practice. So I was wondering if I had to spend an arm and a leg on a pair of moniters that (during jam sessions) could be used for guitar, bass, and vocals in the jam room with the drums. Just wondering if that is recommended or not. I still have yet to decide if i want to keep the amps in the room for recording or put them seperate. I know seperated is ideal, but i still need the practice space, and i dont want the band to have to wear headphones when we jam.