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Thread There's A Delay in my Recording

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1 There's A Delay in my Recording
Yes i have a question. I use cakewalk home studio. And when i try to lay vocals over top of tha beat its a delay from when i speak. Its just maybe a second but its hard to record it throws you off. And i was wondering if someone could help me. And Also is there anyway i can hook my turntables to computer for adding scratches on my beats.
This is the latency of your system!!!

You can set up it in "audio preferences" in cakewalk. This is the time needed for your system to convert the signal from analog to digital, and process it. Depending the quality of your sound card, of your hard drive, etc... it more or less important. A good sound card allow a 4ms latency. A bad one can intriduce 100 or 150ms... that's one of the bigest difference ;-)
If you don't want to ear the processed sound of what you are recording, you have to set up your sound card to listen directly to your inputs. Depending what is your sound card it's possible... or not :(
Hey triza

Krowms is right. It has been a while since I have used Cackwalk, but I think you might also whant to check your buffer spead. I don't remember where to find it. But before you spend any money check to make shure it isnt set improperly. A buffer alows your computer the latency it needs to prosess large amounts of data and it is possible that you don't need it set as high as it is. Definetly try that first. about 512 or 124. However if you got a more dedicated sound card or external interface you could run higher buffers like 1024 and thus run more plug-ins and such. Hope that helps