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Thread Recording Semi Acoustic/Electric guitars

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1 Recording Semi Acoustic/Electric guitars
Hi there.
I'm wanna try and record some of my guitar playing into cubase.
Can anyone help me with how????


I've been using soundforge xp to record tracks played live on a semi acoustic guitar but not sure how to turn the mono recording into stereo.

If anyone has any ideas, it'd really help me out

cheers, nrg
Hey there. Forgive me if I misunderstood you, for I'd hate to be patronizing. My sound card records only in mono, so I have to manually duplicate channels to make it sound stereo. Here's what I do in Sound Forge XP: When you have finished recording your guitar part, the recording will display as a monaural waveform, usually a waveform in the left channel but not in the right. As I explain, I will mention keyboard shortcuts, like copying using the control key and the C together. Click and drag your mouse over the channel that you wish to duplicate (the top one) and then choose to "Copy" (ctrl+.) This function will put the single channel in SoundForges clipboard. Then "Select All" with ctrl+A... this should highlight both channels. Next, press ctrl+V to paste over the highlighted channels. A dialog box will come up, and simply choose to paste over "both channels."
That should do the trick for you. Also, SoundForge has a nifty feature called Wavehammer, which has a preset for acoustic guitars to enhance their presence. Additionally, Wavehammer also has a preset called "Master for 16-bit," which brightens tone, compresses your file, and can be used as a volume maximizer. Just make sure to add a little light reverb to your file before using wavehammer. Anyway, I sure hope that this is informative and helpful. I'm self taught, so I could be doing everything in the world wrong. Good Luck
:lol: -Nick