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Thread patch bays???

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1 patch bays???
patch bays??? everybody i talk to says that they are so useful/neccesary...and everything i read tells me that they are a crucial part of any studio...but can someone explain to me in maybe more simple terms with an exapmle just what they are..thanx
Yeah... can somebody enlighten me too!
A patch bay is used to route the signal from one part of the studio to another. They are really useful when you have a great number of devices. All of your devices are connected to the patch bay wich is more convenient than reaching for cables behind a rack
Patch bays are really useful once your studio grows beyond a certain point, or if you have limited gear that you must reconfigure a lot for different tasks. They are also nice if you hate "desk diving" as much as I do!!!

A patch bay is sort of like an old telephone switchboard- you use it to route signals back and forth. For instance, I have in my studio a Delta 1010 soundcard (8 analog ins/8 analog outs), 2 synths (that's 4 connections), a BBE Sonic Maximizer (2 inputs, 2 outputs), my monitors (2 inputs), my stereo (2 inputs), a casette deck (2 outputs- I don't record with it), and my Digitech RP2000 guitar modeler (2 outputs).

That's 32 connections. I have a 48 point patch bay. Basically, I run all 32 of my connections permanantly to the back of the patchbay in it's rack. You use patch cables to hook things to each other, or to your mixer, in the front of the patchbay. That way you can reconfigure things as needed easily without any "desk diving"!!! :lol:
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Oh ok... that sounds like a really good solution to alot of my problems.... like the bad back from reaching for cables all the time!
Sooo... a patchbay IS what I'd be looking for if i was tired of switching the input/output cables from my ADATS to my board to my compressor to my board to .......on and on and on?
thanks for reminding me of my desk diving problems axe(its so frustrating at times, that i just decide to not do something)....i havent done much patchbay research, though ive needed one for the last year, you have any experience, with cheap yet quality ones?