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Thread Mixers

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1 Mixers
If a soundcard has only one or zero mic inputs, can a mixer be used to plug into the soundcard that has mic inputs? If so can someone give me a link to a mixer that is anywhere from $50 to $100 that can be used to input more mics?

one will work just fine just take the main outs to a stereo y cable and then into your mic inputs.
since you say that you only have one input then you will probably only be recording one track at a time so i would suggest the behringer ub1202.
i love it. very low noise and it has that mic pre amp built right in plus a lowcut filter which is very handy to have especialy when recording guitar or vocals.

"one will work just fine just take the main outs to a stereo y cable and then into your mic inputs"

Sorry I am very new to this. Could you please explain this a little more in detail. Do you mean I take the main outs of the sound card and, using a stereo y cable, plugging it into the mixer's inputs??

Or am I completely off?
the mixer that i gave a link to has three ways of sending audio signals. tape outs, monitor outs and main out. all three of these outs have two out puts. one left channel (mono) and one right channel (mono). when these are combined they create a stereo signal. now since you only have one input into your sound card. you will need to do and buy the following.

-two mono 1/4 cables
-one y cable ( it has two female ends [1/4] that are both mono and one male end [1/4] that is stereo. the way you can tell if it is mono or stereo on a male end is if the metal part has two sections [ two lines ] then it is stereo. if it has one section [one line] then it is mono)

now, what you are going to do is connect both 1/4 mono cables to your main outs on the mixer. then connect the remaining two ends of the 1/4 mono cables to the female ends of the y cable. then all you have to do is connect the male end of the y cable to the input on your sound card and your in business.

-- note-- depending on the size of the input on your sound card you may have to buy an adapter to scale down the 1/4 male end of the y cable to a 1/8 end. make sure that the connector is stereo and not mono. this should be all you need.

let me know if this helped any. have fun! :D