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Thread Sound Interference when recording

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1 Sound Interference when recording
Hi there,

I was hoping someone could help me out a bit here please.

I'm recording sound either through the line in or the microphone of my soundcard, which is built into my motherboard. I notice that with the microphone I get some interference - typically the sounds of the fans when recording (I can remove most of this using audio tools). Yet with the line in I get a constant electrical buzz which makes it almost useless to lesson to. I can't even filter it out.

I am using an external box to generate binaural pulses and white noise and I think the buzzing is coming from that interfering with the PC.

Would purchasing a PCI soundcard help me out here or am I doomed to have an electrical buzz in my recordings?

Thank you very much for your time and help

ok, intergrated sound card are just toys ;-)
So if you would like to do good recording, you have to buy a good sound card.
It can also come from you screen if it's a CRT. So try to turn it off while recording.
Thanks, I had a feeling that was the case with the sound card. I'm just looking to do recording at home, recording vocals and occasional with noise generators. I'd be up to spending about £150 on a new sound card.

What would you recommend?

As to the interference. I moved the binaural box away from the older monitor and it stopped, so you're right there.

Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.

Choice of soundcard depends somewhat on the software you use. If your software supports ASIO drivers, then get an ASIO soundcard (Soundblaster Audigy series, for example). ASIO (from the people who make Cubase and Nuendo) virtually eliminates the latency a slower-processing soundcard causes.
These cards will fit your budget nicely.