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Thread What equipments do i need for professional vocal recordings?

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1 What equipments do i need for professional vocal recordings?
Ok im a noob and i was wondering what i equipments do i need to do some professional vocal recordings? Is there any way i can hook a mic to my computer for professional recordings or do i have to buy a recorder? If i do need to buy a recorder.. is there any way i can hook it up on my computer or is there any way i can transfer my professional recordings to the computer? Please explain in detail as much as possible because I am totally confused... sry for the bother.. >_<
yes plz! can sumone help, and also is there n e one with the newest lgic programme 2 share?
can someone please help me??!?! :-(
If you have a soundcard chances are it has a mic or line input. So you should be able to connect whatever device you want to your computer. Yet, it's true that standard multimedia soundcards are not really good for recording. If you're serious about recording I suggest that you invest in a soundcard especially made for recording.

You should try browsing the soundcard section of the forum to find more info about the differences between soundcards.
mmm ok... but what if you buy a recorder... is there any way you can hook a recorder up to a computer?

... and is there a any good recorders i can buy with a fair price?