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Thread constant background hiss

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1 constant background hiss
I am using a Audigy platinum ex. when i am recording either vocal or virtual instruments, I always hear a constant "hiss" sound in the background. Its not very loud but it does make the whole recording very annoying. I know Audigy isn't the best soundcard to record with. A friend said that its because of the electric noise coming from inside the computer and that I should go for USB, but according to many sources PCI is better and cheaper, I'm wondering if its just the soundcards problem? (its not the mic because the noise still persists even with mic unplugged)
check the internal mixer in your operating system, within windows youd goto control pannet, then click on sound and audio(or whatever) in there click on volume, then "advanced"......once the mixer opens click on file, properties, and uncheck everything it lists that you dont need, then look at the mixer, and lower the levels you currently aret using while you record(cd player..whatever)

sometimes when these are up full they make a hiss sound, i think this will solve your problem, i know i ran into it a few times...
Thanks! problem solved!!
:D excellent!