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Thread Mastering my tune?

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1 Mastering my tune?
Ok guys so this is my first ever time on here and already i have a problem for you. lol.. Anyways here it goes.. I have recently produced a hardhouse tune wid my mate and it is due to be signed to a label in april/may... k so heres the the.. the programme i used were fruity studio and wavelaab..
Does anybody have or know where i get the software just to MASTER my finished tune? I hear (t-racks) or nuendo are good? :D
wavelab is a plug-in mastering tool.
I would suggest not to master your music, but to make sure that the mix is finished. Dynamics, phases. frequency's, pannings etc.....
then compare your mix to a mastered product and if you come very close leave it as it is. The reason why is, when a company signs you up they will try to release it also on compilation cd's. 10 songs, 10 different recording studio's.?! Mastering is not meant only to add some punch to the music but also to colour and to level the package.
Remember, noise is not the same thing as sound pressure.
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ok thanks mate. although the finished tune does sound punchy and very solid, i just thought that every peice of music needed that mastered touch of some sort. What sort of music are u into mate?
Hi there
what I meant is, a record company will take the mastering for their account. If your song is to fit in among other song ( compilation) it could give problems to the overall sound of the compilation ( colour- EQ)
If the song has allready the punch and dynamics needed try to master it with wavelab, but keep a finished mix on the side.
There's a world of difference between mixing and mastering. It's a different kind of approach.
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