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Thread recording drums with guitars and basses.

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1 recording drums with guitars and basses.
hey. I'm trying to record bands playing together in one room. I am using direct plugin to a mixer for the guitars and monitor out the sound so that the band can hear them. this is being done in a basement without booths. I want to mic the drumset but i dont have a clue how to do it without it picking up the monitors. any ideas?
Jamie, You need to get a headphone amp like an ART Stereo headphone amp. will power up to four headphones with different volumes. 49 bux at MF
the problem is with the headphones though. I can't find anything that will block out sound enough for the drummer to hear themself. (under $100) :shock:
Have the drummer use headphones and then wrap a thick towel around his head and secure with duct tape.

No, I'm not kidding. I've done this beofre when I've only had one room to use.

Also, if possible stick the guitar and bass amps in different room. Run long mic cables and guitar cords back and forth.

You mentioned you were in a basement. Is this in a house? Use a spare bedroom or something.