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Thread Evolving from 4 track to computer recording.

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1 Evolving from 4 track to computer recording.
I'm from the old school (70's Kustom amp, 70's Strat, 70's PA Hell, I'm 45 years old!). I have my own studio where some friends and I get together. I have been using a Tascam 4 track and want to go further. I am wondering if there are any computer programs that are EASY to use that offer 8 track or 16 track (or better) recording with mixing capabilities. I looked at buying a better Tascam or Fostex, etc. but I understand you can do this on your PC for a fraction of the cost. How does the final product sound? How does the typical set up work? I have a sound blaster sound card, will that work? Does the PC go through the PA? Any answers would be greatly appreciated. REVISED: I have a 600mghz pc with 256 meg RAM. We play classic rock and 80's metal, and blues. 1 drummer, 1 bass player, 1 guitar/vocalist. I want to be able to add harmony vocals, lead guitar, etc. The simpler the program the better. Thanks!
:cry: Well, after two weeks no one would help me. I found a program on my own. Cool Edit Pro. It works great and is easy to use. I guess I am too old to be here?