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Thread Recording from Tascam 4 trk recorder to PC

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1 Recording from Tascam 4 trk recorder to PC
Ok. Here's my problem. I have a 4 track tascam recorder. I have spend hours creating the composition. When I finally get it right, I want to transfer the song back to the computer. What I have is USB device "OMEGA RECORDING STUDIO" by Lexicon. Using the headphones output to the Line in 1 on the omega. Hence the box is a USB device. The sound is too low, staticy, and humming. If I go from the headphones to the MiC in..Bad mistake. I just can't figure out why I can't get a good crisp, clear sound going back to the PC.
youre trying to record whats on your 4 track to your computer through the omega?

what kind of outputs does the 4track have, there must be another output other than the headphone one i hope?

also what software are you recording too?
I got it all figured out with the help of a M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI card with RCA's in's and out's plus S/pdif in and out for $149.00 not bad really.
I got the recordings from the tascam porta studio (4 track) to come back to the PC flawlessly. The M-Audio has its own monitors on the PC wich will help bring the recording back seamlessly and clear. Of course you need to adjust the peaks and volume before transfering. But it works great.

My new venture is using N-Uendo and Cubase SX. learning how to get VST INstruments work. Sampling libraries. This is all too new to me. Confusing too. Once I do get it figured out I know it will be awesome. I use sound forge 6.0 and learned how to get DX plugs to work. Its intresting how to manipulate the sounds.
sounds good, im glad you got it all set