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Thread Need help please

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1 Need help please
Hi to all. Would like to record to ease my bordom and what a better time while im off work.I need help on hooking my amp to my computer and dont know where to begine. Went to a few sites and got some information but still dont know what to do. The sites i went to kept refering to a out going connection of some sort that my amp doesnt have. I have a Behringer gmx 110 amp and the back has foot switch plugin,midi input,phones,speaker,tape in,tape out,return,send. I have a sound card with a line in ,line out,mic,game stick. I have the software disc
acid music by sonic foundry. I cant afford to buy anything due to loosing my job because of a shoulder operation so is what i have enough to do the job? Will this acid music software be sufficient enough for now to work? Hope someone can help me please!!!! :(
I don't know if you found ur answer yet but if you want to record your guiter directly into ur computer u will need something called a direct box. More simply you can buy a cheap $20 mic and plug in to ur sound card and put in front of ur amp. Not sure on the software though.