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Thread Cool Edit Pro problem

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1 Cool Edit Pro problem
I am new to the program so it could be user error. I have recorded 6 songs with no problems (anywhere from 4 to 7 tracks). I did one yesterday with seven tracks, listened to it in multi track view and it sounded fine. After saving mixdown I played it back and all I got was a super loud hiss. Anybody know what happened?
ah!!!! that has happened to me before i think it was because i accidently changed what type of file i was "saving as" the file should be compatable with your media player in your computer....

BUT! it has also happened again (this was a LONG time ago) and i think it was because i saved it at a really low sample rate and bit rate....
When I saved the session I didn't like track 3 so I deleted it. Then I opened the session back up (got an error message saying can't find track 3) and recorded a second track 3. After mixdown I listen to everything with windows media player, it works fine. I just did the whole thing over again and it was fine.