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  • Ear Training For Musicians

    Ear Training For Musicians

    05/03/10 in Other musical instruments

    Introduction This tutorial is one for musicians who play any kind of instrument.  The following thoughts are some ideas that I've found to be useful when it comes to getting your ear in tune... …

  • Ear Training for Engineers

    Ear Training for Engineers

    05/02/10 in Sound Techniques

    IntroductionHere's a short tutorial based on my experiences with training my own ear and the methods that I've used over the years... Step 1

  • How To Build A Great Drum Track Without Loops

    How To Build A Great Drum Track Without Loops

    06/18/08 in Recording & Mixing

    IntroductionMost popular music of the past century, from top 40 to Drum 'N Bass, is centered around a basic 4/4 rhythm. The challenge, of course, is for electronic producers to make drum tracks appropriate to the genres an…