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Zero-G CDs & Sound Banks user reviews

  • Zero-G Phaedra

    Zero-G Phaedra - "Well rounded synth for modern music"


    This is a multi-sampled instrument setup to mimic a large workstation style synthesizer. The configuration is very simple if you are used to running Native Instruments Kontakt. Setup is as simple as installing, then opening Kontakt and adding the l…

  • Zero-G Creative Essentials For Reason

    Zero-G Creative Essentials For Reason - FP User's review


    Totally satisfied with the quantity and quality of the sounds - you get literally thousands of REX files and NN19 patches! Price paid $149 SOUND QUALITY The quality and usability of the samples and loops is generally extremely high, and covers an…

  • Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol. 3

    Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol. 3 - FP User's review


    Price paid $150 USD SOUND QUALITY The sound quality of this Reason Refill is astonishing.The beats are everything I was looking for,pure old skool junglism with volumes 2 & 3 introducing more so step styled beats but very amazing. OVERALL OPINION…

  • Zero-G Total Drum & Bass

    Zero-G Total Drum & Bass - FP User's review


    LOTS of different features in this cd. not much spoken word elements which is kinda expected... but all the vocals are almost ruined by the amount of reverb and other effects used on them. i didnt get this cd for the vocals, though. i got it for the …

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