Zero-G Creative Essentials For Reason
Zero-G Creative Essentials For Reason

Creative Essentials For Reason, Other CD & Sound Bank from Zero-G.

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chupachups 12/08/2004

Zero-G Creative Essentials For Reason : chupachups's user review


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REFILL only ... 3 CD REFILL making a total of 1.7 Gb and non-7GB ... as indicated on the box .. it's false advertising to me ... or rather a bad marketing tool ...

there is everything on this CD ... all volumes have a XXX, it's going to the reagge, dream box, vintage keyboard, voices, etc. ...

Note however again false advertising or dirty marketing argument, Zero G indicates that these three CDs contain all their volumes 'Creative' ... I think this is wrong, it contains excerpts from each volume ...

For example you will find Vintage Keyboard only 7 grand epoch of Synthe ... or have spent the rest I do not know!


The quality of sound is different depending on the volume ... normal all depend on the volume that you use creative .. For example most of Rex loop, lack of energy, perhaps as normal as you do not put a good 'Scream' behind ...

I spend about these sounds means of Dream Zone and contrast the "volume REGGAE connection", Voice of Africa, Voice of Dance, Voice of India is great!

so I'll say that the sound is good, do not worry ... could say much more ....


I bought this CD there is no long ago. Many people ask advice on this product and in fact I found very little .. So I bought the 3 CDs for me and especially my own idea to use it in my compo!

I found articles on the web, the sound of sound, reason freaks etc ... indicating that this CD is a very very good CD, are all the styles, yen for everyone!

ben good I must say that this CD is for people who want to start with a wide range different from samples without necessarily seeking the big sound .... but more to discover, have fun ... etc.

Some sounds are known for this compilation, you will find, for example, voice of india space or connection reggae singles on well-known ... I think this CD is a bit old now, many sounds are out of date (and only that most of NN19, NN XT no, no maelstrom or Substractor). All is not bad! Again the voices are good, reggae connection also, against Dreamzone, Vntage Keyboard, the percussionist, etc. are not great .. and especially what annoys me most is the amount of sample ... These three CDs contain only part of the sounds of each volume.

basically now I'd recommend buying this cd for people not want to spend their money in several CD .. But do not get the big sound ....

I sold my CD to a young man who wants to get started with Reason and expand the # of sample that has already with Reason 2.5.

For my style, etc. .. I prefer to buy for the same price other CDs more specific .... I confess to not be packaged, even very disappointed.