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Cort STC-Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Cort KX1F

    Cort KX1F - "Nice Sound"


    The Cort KX1F is a very well built guitar and like a lot of other guitars it comes in different colors that very by which store you get it from. So if the blue pearl look isn’t for you than you can grab one of the other colors, I think there are 4 to…

  • Cort Stat3T 106

    Cort Stat3T 106 - "Basic learner"


    Cort is a guitar manufacturer that is based on South Korea. They build pretty inexpensive and budgeted friendly instruments. They are not high-end whatsoever. Even though they do have a few guitars in their inventory that have some great-looking tops…

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Maxmin/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Everything has been thought out... UTILIZATION The neck is comfortable. The guitar's shape allows a very good acces to the upper frets. The sound is good considering it's a …

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - "Cort X2"


    Ive been playing guitar 8 Years. Genre: Rock/Metal Acquired at: Local Cort dealer. Paid: $ 200.00 (U.S.) Quality, Sound, Playability, Design, Brand. N/A Very good construction, high quality pickups and electronics, nice glossy finish. I …

  • Cort G260

    Cort G260 - "Cort G260HB"


    I bought this on eBay from Cranes Music in Cardiff for £190 (new). My son started playing electric guitar and I got the bug! I liked the look of it on eBay and it seemed pretty good value. I like the all-wood, swamp ash finish. All the hardware is …

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - "Cort x-6"


    i learnd guitar for something like half year and i was searching fpor a nice electric guitar and alot of people told me to buy this living in israel so everything here is expensive. i purchaset it for 300 dollars(1500 nis). i purchased it in a…

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - "Cort X-6"


    I bought this guitar from a music store in newport and it was about £210. I bought this guitar because i wanted a nice metal sounding guitar that had a decent locking tuner. There are so many good things about this unit. It has mightymite pick up's …

  • Cort X-9

    Cort X-9 - "Cort X9"


    Bought it from swee lee(singapore) for about $465 brand new. Ws recommended by de salesperson there. Its black n the finish is superb n rather hard to scratch. Sounds fantastic on distortion n even has coil tap. pickups in de style of HSH. sturdy n …

  • Cort X-6 SM

    Cort X-6 SM - "Cort X6"


    I was looking for a contrast to my LP style guitar and found the X6 at a local guitar shop. After trying that and a few other guitars i finally arrived at the decision to buy it. I acquired the guitar for £260. Looks amazing and in my opinion looks …

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - "Cort X-6"


    I was walking round oxgord for a looking fora new guitar and i saw this shiny lack guitar staring me in the face. I instantly walked into the shop and played the guitar to death. I ended up paying around £250 for the x-6. brilliant fretboard. easy…