Cort NZS-2
Cort NZS-2

NZS-2, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the Neil Zaza series.

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lam_da 01/29/2010

Cort NZS-2 : lam_da's user review


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- Type Corenne H / H 3 and split positions
- Ash Body
- Satin rable rable Channel + button
- Micros SD Zebra 59RP handle and Custom Custom in the bridge
- Microphones visss Body
- No tonalitbr /> - Fixed bridge TonePros
- Strings through
- Mcaniques Spertzel

Well equipped to play in the efficacitbr />

The most enjoyable round I played today.
It is quite round, asymmetric, neither too wide nor too thin.
Lightweight guitar, and very comfortable.
Very easy to use.


Guitar is in versatility.
His sonorits are very clear.
However, it is limited in the register as jazz given the absence of tonality.

I play on a VisualSound Workhorse Pony: transparent and warm sound.
It makes perfectly clear in games and it Prette both overdrive that distortion.
I use pedals of the same brand: J & H, Route66, H2O, with a very wide I can attack in styles.

I love its versatility, it allows you to walk in all styles without taking the head.


For a year I use.
I love it for the beautiful clear sound it produces, its comfort and simplicity.
There is nothing that I will not change, lack of tonality not Drange me of the contrary.

I think for the price, it is a very good product, I had many before that l.

Obviously, I do it again the choice.