Cort X-2
Cort X-2
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All user reviews for the Cort X-2

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 46 reviews )
 25 reviews54 %
 14 reviews30 %
 1 user review2 %
 1 user review2 %
 5 reviews11 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
Audiofanzine FR12/09/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Cort X-2
(Originally written by Maxmin/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Everything has been thought out...


The neck is comfortable.

The guitar's shape allows a very good acces to the upper frets.

The sound is good considering it's a budget product.

The shape of the body looks nice.


I started to play with a Line6 Spider III and I got a good sound. A very good sound (considering the guitar's price) with distortion and overdrive.

The clean sound did however reveal the instrument's limitations.


I've been using this guitar for one year. Since I didn't have a lot of money when I started out I had to learn with this budget guitar. It offers a great value for money. As a beginner I would buy it again without hesitation. It's perfect to play heavy metal but for clean sounds the pickups have a very poor performance. Even when you try to EQ the highs with the tone control, the response remains very harsh.

I still own it and I think I will make it my second guitar with a special tuning for heavy metal only. I prefer playing a higher quality guitar for everything else.

MGR/Anonymous's review"Cort X2"

Cort X-2
Ive been playing guitar 8 Years.
Genre: Rock/Metal

Acquired at: Local Cort dealer.
Paid: $ 200.00 (U.S.)

Quality, Sound, Playability, Design, Brand.


Very good construction, high quality pickups and electronics, nice glossy finish.

I don't really pay attention to the brand of a guitar, its not really necessary. If it plays excellent and the overall construction of the guitar is excellent and the price is right, then the brand dosn't matter to me. Cort produces guitars at high quality standards that meet or exceed the quality of similar top brand guitars, the only diffrence I have found is the price.

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MGR/daniel's review"Cort x-6"

Cort X-2
i learnd guitar for something like half year and i was searching fpor a nice electric guitar and alot of people told me to buy this living in israel so everything here is expensive. i purchaset it for 300 dollars(1500 nis). i purchased it in a store in israel called music center.

what i like in this unit is what you get for what you paid. i think that it could be a very good guitars, amnd after its doing not bad for now but i had some problems with it. its sound is very sweet and nice on clean and distortion both. its shape looks very good... this guitar is a babe.. my crt is in black finish and it looks very beautiful.

well here comes all the problems. well first, even with the double locking tremelo its still goes out of tune, and it takes years to put it in tune and to keep on it. i had a problem with the floyd rose when i replaced my strings it went up very high but i fixed it by strengthenning the screws on the back of the guitar. its still goes out of tune now but not really out... really a little bit. after all its a very good guitar and you need some patience for it. by the way because i was needed to be involved alot with the tune i have a very musical hearing and i dont need any tuners my ears are the best tuners you will get.

ok this is an indonesia maden guitar(are there guitar factories in indonesia???) it has a bassword body, its pickups are h\s\h, mightymite pickups(well they sound better than theyre name and thats for sure). it has a double locking tremolo system. it has 24 frets and mine is in black finish very beautiful ike ive said before. one tune and one volume buttons. it has a 5 way pickup selector.

i think that its a fine guitar for the start and maybe i can change it to a better pickups but the main problem is tunning. i give it an 8.if it was stolen id probably buy a better guitar without floyd rose or with a very good one. i think that if you want to start and you dont have patience for tunning problems you can forget it but if you do have, its can be your perfect guitar nd besides without it i wouldnt have this prfect musical hearing. weii thats all.

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MGR/Paddy Cumming05/26/2004

MGR/Paddy Cumming's review"Cort X-6"

Cort X-2
I bought this guitar from a music store in newport and it was about £210. I bought this guitar because i wanted a nice metal sounding guitar that had a decent locking tuner.

There are so many good things about this unit. It has mightymite pick up's witch i think are duncan designed and they sound great. The neck is very smooth going and very playable.The locking unit is great and stays in tune even after dive bombs! And it has a beautiful black gloss finish!

There are'nt really any things wrong with this unit. Some people may need to file the frets down according to there own preference but this is not a problem for me as i love my vibrato!

the quality is great its a boly on neck witch is great beautiful bass wood great finish. No fret buzz or intonation problems any where.(I checked every single fret before i bought it!)

All in All this is a great guitar that any indermediate guitarist could want. i choose this over an ibanez rg270dx and that guitar is great so you can imagine how good this guitar is!

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Cort X-6"

Cort X-2
I was walking round oxgord for a looking fora new guitar and i saw this shiny lack guitar staring me in the face. I instantly walked into the shop and played the guitar to death. I ended up paying around £250 for the x-6.

brilliant fretboard. easy to pull of impressively fast solo's, and has a great range of different tones. the tune holds well an the whammy bar has a huge range.
24 frets and 2 humbuckers and 1 pick up.
To ths day i still haven't found a better
ibanez than this cort.

clamps on the headstock can be tedious

6-strings. Two humbuckers one pickup in the middle. very curvey. a floyd rose tremolo.

best guitar ever. sounds best on a peavey amp.

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MGR/Ben Martin07/01/2003

MGR/Ben Martin's review"Cort X-2"

Cort X-2
i got this at my local guitar store for $300 canadian, give or take.

EVERYTHING. this guitar outplays almost anything else i have ever played. there is only one guitar that i have liked better than this one, and it was a $1100 ibanez - and with this guitar being almost 4 times cheaper i think it is WELL WORTH IT. the neck is FANTASTIC. it plays like HEAVEN. the body shapeand headstock are wicked also (i got mine in grey metal, very cool). pickups don't sound too shabby either! great access to the high frets also. it can stay in tune for ages also! i have been playing for a few years and i know enough to determine an ass-kicking axe when i play one. this is a remarkable deal.

there are a few things i don't like it. liek someone else said previously about this guitar the jack comes loose often, but that's no sweat, just a quick tighten with your hand or plyers and your good for a week. the thing i dislike most about this guitar is the tremolo bridge. it's fairly low quality and it makes the guitar go noticably out of tune. that can be replaced though.

excellent. i have seen no problems with this at all.

if you want a good rockin' axe for an astonishing price, GO OUT AND BUY ONE!!! they are unreal!!!

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MGR/Sean Moore04/29/2003

MGR/Sean Moore's review"Cort X-2"

Cort X-2
I got this guitar from a local music store called BandBox in a guitar/amp deal for $350.00 with a Kustom KGB-30 amp. On it's own, the guitar is worth $240.00. By the way, the KGB-30 is a great amplifier.

I love practically everything about this guitar. The shape, the color, the hardware, the pickups, the tuners, the neck, everything.

The only problem I've ever had with this wonderful guitar is that the jack keeps coming loose, though all I have to do is reach down and tighten it with my hand and that will last several days

I'm 14 and I have been playing since I was 10. This is my second guitar. My first was a Squier Affinity Strat, which is a rad guitar to start out on. I thought, since I had outgrown the beginner phase, that I could use a new one, so I got this and I wasn't dissapointed. I got it in Red Metal, which I think is the sexiest color. It has fantastic tuners, which which stay in tune for many, many hours, the PowerSound humbuckers have a cheap- sounding name but possess awesome tone. Shortly after I bought this, the Tom Delonge Signature Strat came out. Blink-182 has been my favorite band since, like, 1994 so, naturally, I wanted. I didn't have enough money so I settled for just buying the Invader pickup and having my old bridge humbucker replaced. I found that the PowerSound pickups have almost the same exact tone as the Invader, but the Invader has a little more low end and more sustain, so it wasn't quite necesary to have that put in.

This a great guitar for such a low price. Wether you play heavy metal, punk rock, emo, pop punk, rock & roll(all of which I play) and are not satisfied with your current guitar, then this is an awesome deal without having to pay several thousand dollars. GO BUY IT, GOD DAMNIT!

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Daeth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good start"

Cort X-2
BODY Basswood
NECK Maple
FRET 24 / Jumbo
INLAY White Dot
TUNER Die cast
BRIDGE Full Action II


I use it for daily drive connected to my iPad. It is not too heavy, shape is useful as standing than sitting. Access to acute is easy and comfortable handle.
With age mics tend to disintegrate but for this price and this practice is not very serious.


Up and down lines quietly installed on my couch X2 is perfect. I'm not particularly looking for a saw to use as I did, but I recommend this model for beginners (more focused "metal" as my first guitar, a squier)
the highs are not too bad with time pickups have taken a hit, severe drafts are


I bought this guitar in 2006 and I use it regularly since. Lightweight, comfortable in hand, it's my driving guitar can stay in my living room on his foot. And of good quality for a cheap price, I would do this choice

arthur1999's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good guitar to start"

Cort X-2
The Cort X-2 is a Korean guitar With classic trestle team vibrato
There are 24 frets, two humbuckers (without names).


Handle a very pleasant, a bit heavy and fairly easy access to the treble.


With this guitar you can play both a slash from metallica ...


I use it for 3 and it suits me very well! I remake that choice without any problem.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice for beginners"

Cort X-2
This is a guitar with two humbuckers Korean no name, a classic vibrato and a handle 24 cases.
An earlier opinion indicates that it is equipped with jumbo frets but it's obviously not the case on an instrument to less than 200 euros.


The handle is correct, the frets do not exceed the sides as is the case on some models, but obviously it's a little lottery at this level on entry-cort. The shape of the instrument is ergonomically against the weight is not negligible (closest to the weight of a Les Paul than a stratocaster).

The vibrato is unusable (detuning immediately regardless of the intensity of use) but it's not a surprise on the entry.


The sound is very loud and aggressive (especially bridge pickup), you do not use it for the garage rock or metal filthy.


It was my first guitar, it was quite the case at the time, we must admit that my technique does not require a more upmarket instrument ^ ^.

For the price I think its flaws are easily forgivable, evidence, many guitarists start on this model without keeping a bad memory by then, it's always fun to play the "metallic" with a guitar when aggressive starts the instrument.

The value for money is still well above what is found in entry-level brands such as Epiphone or Squier.