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slipepito 05/25/2008

Cort X-2 : slipepito's user review


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See below!


Channel super enjoyable access to very fine Acute very easy
it is a beginners guitar and the input range is THE guitar for you if you start guitarist friends!
is obtained easily sound you want


So I reminds that this guitar is a guitar from beginners to start with the guitar need not forcment Soner as a gibson!
we have a good sound it's going to saturate it démerder a lot I came out a few harmonics on low E string so it will upgrade its disto
corect are clean but not great (it's a low-end!)
facillement can play metal or punk or rock with and then as I say noise is not what sounds forcment the guitar is the finger and touch the guitar! when my teacher take my guitar me to play satriani I DSOL but his sonn great!


Great guitar to begin with. do not buy these giutare copy of strata Vallent not a nail and not that sound!
Cort is uen good brand! and this guitar is a great guitar to start I keep 2 years and I can tell you that I ca do something when I sold
quality price ratio required for the sper 200 people!
with my experience I do it again for my first choice anyone knows a better guitar to begin at that price he sends me a message I'd like to see AC;)