Cort X-9
Cort X-9

X-9, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the X series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 3 reviews )
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MGR/Ji's review"Cort X9"

Cort X-9
Bought it from swee lee(singapore) for about $465 brand new. Ws recommended by de salesperson there.

Its black n the finish is superb n rather hard to scratch. Sounds fantastic on distortion n even has coil tap. pickups in de style of HSH. sturdy n has just enuf sustain to sound both gibsonish n fenderish. design looks much like an ibanez rg but much cooler. neck material is solid maple with basswood body. controls r all in de right place (similar to a fender). keeps tunings really well.

FLOYD ROSE!!! i hate it cos it takes a hell long time to tune it. also de bridge is painted balck so de paint has started coming off n de metal tarnishing. sounds terrible on clean as if there wasnt enough power. terrible frets which make sliding a pain in de ass.

quality... totally worth it for its price. construction... pretty gd except tt de inside if de guitar looks beaver chewed. finish i say again is gd. better than gibson or fender. solid!

a very gd guitar for both beginners n intermediate. gd for those who love loads of distortion. cool looks. gif it a try.

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MGR/James's review"Cort X-9"

Cort X-9
Bought this unit from SweeLee, Singapore at around SGD$470/aft discount. I did well for exams and was looking at the Ibanez RGseries but perhaps it was not up to expectations. The guy there then recommanded me this guitar.

The sound is good! The Mightymite pickups lives up to its name. The guitar has a solid feeling too. The volume knob is at the correct position, dosent come in my way when I try to plam mute the strings. The tone is also superb. The Floyd Rose Licensed Bridge is excellent, but I had a little problem with it, I'll write it below. I usually play song from bands like Sonata Arctica, Dream Theater and Symphony X and this guitar fits in nicely. I dont know why other reviews say that the input jack comes loose easily, because it dosent seem like the type which can come loose.

One this i dislike about this guitar is that This guitar is pretty heavy, even heavier than my friends Yamaha bass. On my way home after I bought it, I found that the bridge was out of place, but no worries, just sent it back to the shop and they helped me correct it in no time. Oh, the tremolo-lock bridge can be abit of a problem too if you plan to change the strings within a short period of time. If you want to tune your guitar onstage, youre dead if you dont have the alenkey with you.

This guitar has a solid feeling. So far my guitar has yet to be scratched, dropped it once of the floor but everything was still in perfect working order. The body is made from basswood, nicely cut edges, and the neck if Im not wrong, is made from maplewood.

I would recommand this guitar to both starters and professionals alike. However, if youre pretty small built, might want to consider getting another one because this guitar is quite heavy. If this gets lost or stuck by lightning or anything, I wouldnt get the same one tho, must try new stuff all the time:)

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Nyiko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-9
Procdons order:
- It's a guitar from Ibanez workshops / Cort implant in South Korea ...
- It was originally fitted with 24 frets and a configuration H / S / H Brand MightyMite.
- At the bridge is a Submitted Floyd Rose type tremolo but I no longer know the exact MODEL (standard, pro ... if indeed there are several, which I can not doubt .. .)
- Typically two knobs on the table: one for volume and another for the Tone ... Note that the latter allows to split the two humbuckers into single coils ... A slecteur 5 positions to complete the whole.
- The neck is ultra thin and "fast" (although this does not mean much to me) ... Ibanez type to return to the first point ... but less profile. (Thus more lgrement pais)

Level wood, and to fast:
Body (round and I believe it) Basswood, Rosewood Frets kinds ... "Jumbo"

Oh yes: buy fewer than 400 new


Not much to say about this ...
I think it a good or trs good guitar for beginners in the community (so imposing!) Guitar ...

I miss probably exprience for me to compare the violin with other models ... I jou a Fender Start, a Gibson LP, an Ibanez RG550 (none of them m 'is!) and I still say that this guitar excels at qualitprix ...

She is not heavy, not ugly ... it has everything a great (except wood and pickups) ... Yeah ... it has some great sounds but trs well ...


Needless to say, it is a metal or orient MODEL "big" rock mchant scary ...
For my part, I use it with any amp transistors Attax80 H & K (the stuff of the beginning, after all) ...
The sound palette offered to us via this guitar is fairly decent, clean sounds are ... slamming plutt and distos, double windings fully meet their contract ...
The rglages accessible by two knobs allow a REAL change in its delivery ... I mean their prsence is by no means an obviousness Aesthetics ... know how to use!

The single coil seems somewhat redundant ... but I play Dark Metal Prog Atmo Jsaispakoi so I never use it ...

PS: I replaced the old pickups with a Seymour Duncan doublet (in the neck and TB4 TB6 in bridge ...). Day and night! Do those who hold forth dplaisent arguing that the microphones do not change the sound of Manir superficial ... Put on a good guitar pickups medium to low range ... and beyond here! APRS mod, I would put much 9 / 10 ...


E pampers the past 2 years ... A Premire guitar retains a sentimental value no Previous ...
So I recommend to nophytes who wants to invest in good hardware without breaking the bank ...
Be sure to make rgler (height of strings, vibrato, attack ..) before you get it ... because for me, it seems that these gentlemen have Coren any form of occult rglage. .. (say -1 to finish) ... but it is the responsibility of your dealer / luthier ...
Comply her look ... she will be your best friends for squence Evil bloody corpses around with (OK OK but makes me laugh all these polmiques on what sounds more than anything else mchant and all that ...)
PS: I insert my vibrato ending for that will set sail for that ... and I stress this fact: For any guitar, make sure it is set at the risk of ... dtriorer the ...
I am at war against my era because the seller I did not understand anything all that, and the obviousness him either ...
NOTICE Overall: Excellent Q / P, trs good guitar ...
I like ellipses ...