Crafter by Cruiser
Crafter by Cruiser

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Average Score:3.4( 3.4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
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Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Poor
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MGR/nerd jam06/19/2004

MGR/nerd jam's review"Crafter Cruiser"

Crafter by Cruiser
I went to the local guitar shop, sounds expensive in my town (Rugby). I paid £130 for it as well as a little amp

it is really easy to play, and is a good weight. It is also really durable, mine has been through the works and it still works fine. Sounds good for such a cheap bass.

the srings that come with the bass are appalling. I broke all of mine in about a month. Also, the pick ups are too low and can be quite difficult to raise.

Generally good, very tough. Only real critiscism is the pick ups. The bass itself is made well, better than a few more expensive ones i have played

An excellent bass for a beginner, for when the cost of a more expensive bass doesnt justify the sound you can get from it. Obviously it is not as good as more expensive basses, but for the price i would say it is excellent value for money.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Crafter Cruiser"

Crafter by Cruiser
i dont actually know where it was purchased or its price because it was a christmas present

its got a nice shape and is really easy to to do string bends which i found more difficult on my friends les paul copy.Its very tough!my dad knocked ot over onto our solid table.I lifted it up and it didnt have a scratch on it but dented the table!
Its easy to get a nice sound for any style of music even with a 10 watt pretty basic amp.

it gathers so much dust in between the pickups and its difficult to get out.On the top string the lower frets sometimes ring a little but you can barelly notice it and if you dont put a lot of pressure on the chords it rings as well.The frets are really high so i guess thats whats causing the ringing.

As i said it survived an intermate encounter with a table un effected so its good quality made but i have nothing to compare it to.Its surved me well in learning to play.

very good all around guitar.It has nothing wrong in apperance and looks like a fender strat so cant be half bad.can handle anything from the darkness to system of a down and creats convincing tones

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MGR/Danny Boy10/06/2003

MGR/Danny Boy's review"Crafter Cruiser"

Crafter by Cruiser
I acquired this guitar from a littlewoods peter craig catalogue , not usually the kind of place you would expect to find such a good guitar . However i was lucky to spot it at an amazing price of £200 aprox.$350 with amp and learning video and all accessories i have come to expect from a package like this . I was looking for something different , due to my first electric guitar not really being all that good . This looked similar to an Ibanez . and i was hoping it would be somewhere near to the standard of the Ibanez brand . thankfully its really a very playable and very nice sounding guitar , i would reccomend it to those of you who are looking for a cheap guitar that can deliver . it really does have an amazing sound

All the above . it is very playable . comes in a lovely variety of colours . my favourite of which being the metallica red . This guitar can offer alot for very little. Looks brilliant , sounds pretty damn good , and has an overall good feel to it.

It doesnt have a floyd rose and it isnt an ibanez . If you can live without those things then this guitar is really a great purchase.

Very good . korean made . I usually hear bad things said about korean made guitars . but i wont hear a single bad word about this guitar . solid wood offers great tone . easy to use controls and a very attractive guitar , with a beautiful metallic red paint on choice.

Great Guitar for a very small price . ideal for anyone looking for an ibanez who just cant afford it. Thumbs up from me.

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pierre3100's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I like"

Crafter by Cruiser
Although the pickups are not great but it despites I like the personality of the guitar then it frete the handle 22 is not bad


the handle is assé pleasant but a bit too big but very well to begin when accessing the acute niquel is for a guitar at this price it's better now have a pedal to make any sound but after Encor once it goes to an early


Crystal clear sound is assé with a fender it passes


I use it from time to time I like becaufe can take it anywhere without too much worry about

ibraz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Crafter by Cruiser
-No idea of ​​the origin, probably an Asian country.
-22 Frets two microphones double and a single H / S / H
-Tone upside down!
-A volume and a 5-way switch mounted in the place they ... they
Vibrato-molded with bridges, six fixing screws.
Mechanical-crafter all rotten ...
the handle body breathes the crate a little less but ...


-The guitar is very poorly resolved, the handle is right, but the strings are six millimeters of frets at the 12th fret, which is very unpleasant and unfortunate because the handle is quite thin in the middle.
So bizzare-round, medium size behind the first fret, and super fine until the 14th fret and larger until the end.
Heel-shaped plate so no rounding allows access to an acute facility will appreciate, too bad again that the strings are so far from the handle ...
I note that the microphone has the grave poles shifted downward, and the low E string is 2.5mm from the top of the handle ...
the body is ergonomic, but it lacks a little something to reach the real comfort, cutting the stomach and the muzzle are made on the ratings a little too curved.
I put three strings super far for the handle, the wrong tone, and the jack on the bottom like that on ibanez rg from playing sit in peace.


The best point of the skyscraper at the same time not hard to do better than the finish ...
many mediums on two doubles, with the bridge pickup you get nice distortion sounds, the microphone is serious fat, greasy, slimy, yuck, apart from its clear I do not really see him use.
simply is bland, linear, no punch or slamming short, rotten ...
I put 5 for the sound you may have in the bridge pickup with distortion, and cleans acceptable micro serious.


-Tested with a friend on a 120w roland transistor, and a digitech death metal ...
Euuuh-we will say that I hate the least is the middle of the handle ...
I will never buy the scratch, and am even reluctant to the idea of ​​buying any scratches as it is expensive for the brand saw finish defects unforgivable!
I never expected to find worse than a behringer level adjustment!
-It is a crap, really, so value for money sucks it is not worth the price even for decorative ...
-With experience, I know that if I want to play with my friend, I must take my guitar, or I tear my hair ...