Fender Custom Shop 2000 '59 NOS Stratocaster
Fender Custom Shop 2000 '59 NOS Stratocaster

Custom Shop 2000 '59 NOS Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender.

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ouil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Custom Shop 2000 '59 NOS Stratocaster
Manufacture of Custom Shop Fender, "in Corona California" certificate of authenticity dixit. This is a limited edition, specially built for the show in Frankfurt was the 101me 2000.La mine.
Echoing CHARACTERISTICS-layers of 1959, it has only 21 cases (which is just enough of the same embtant), a rosewood "slab board" (more Paisse the strats and postrieures stick flat on the sleeve), an alder body, microphones studs tags, vintage bridge, a fix by six screws (I paste the table for more sustain), the m vintage MECHANICAL themselves as a bone nut and a nitrocellulose lacquer.
-I want to mention the excellence of the violin (which is far from being the case all the fender, including some models from the custom shop). The junction body / neck is RALIS e, the Saddle mouchetflamm the handle is one of the most beautiful I've ever given to see t, rosewood key possde densitet a nice polish to be free from default and a breathtaking finesse (some of diximes millimtre). The game is Fully electronic cable with wire of large cross section, saving tissue and blow to millimtre. In short, we can not take the default, everything is just perfect.
The guitar-CONTRL possde one volume and two tonalitgrant respectively that of the middle and neck pickup, the micro needle as dpourvu.La only concession made to the vintage (I would prfr others ...) is a 5-way switch, and that seems to be of radius 9.5 "
I put 8 / 10 for CHARACTERISTICS, by removing a junction point for the body round which is good but not perfect trs (a shovel that price, it is entitled to absolute perfection rclamer and one point for the handle 21 boxes (which is not to add intrt 22me this box?). C


-The neck provides a silky touch: everything is soft, supple and prcision.Sa is a form of espce shuffled between the C and V, and offers a great thundering is confort.Ce is that it requires a good position to take a left hand one must position it according to the position acadm, or with the thumb above the handle, but must necessarily be quite the palm of your hand . Between the two, you feel a pain between thumb and forefinger! (I n'hallucine not, a friend made me express exactly the same rflexion without him I do not ale said). This guitar pushes them to adopt a set prcis.Notons the perfect finish of the frets, and feel allows a single point glides effort.Le ngatif is, as I mentioned dj the absence of 22me box which is Drout.
-The body is to the dimensions of the body "deep contour body" of fender is to say with chamfers and dcoupes well marked, which allows the guitar lover against soi.Le weight IDAL, because we are dealing with the frne, which in addition to its quality rsonnance (that is amazing, the note rsons throughout the guitar, you feel the guitar vibrating against itself), offers a wide s gret.


What to say, except that it all sounds possde to strat mieux.En but you take the big sound of strats you prfrez your albums and the one l. .. Apart from those that can not be obtained with a mapple neck, all the sounds of strats are arranged with a quality surprenante.Par example I tested it with a friend, and Pride and Joy ( Stevie Ray Vaughan), the diffrence with the other standard strat amricaine silent.
Voil prcis no description, just that it is probably one of the rosewood strats sound the best in the world.


I use it for a year, and I love him more, I am delighted and surprised every time I branch.
This brings me to say that the same demand for euro 4000 justifis.Ca are nine sounds better than a 60's Time Machine (including the one I tried) is incomparable with american vintage reissue, so the price is ultimately in adquate with the quality of the guitar.
This layer, I sought for 10 years, I have tried dozens of auttres strats and none of scabies. This is the holy grail of the stratum and as a result, the only strats I would like to try are the Masters Builders to see if they are better, but it seems to me impossible to do better.