Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH

FSR Standard Stratocaster HH, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Limited Edition Stratocaster series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 31 reviews )
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Hatsubai's review"Nice, but not really a strat"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
Fender has always been known for their heavy usage of single coil pickups. Not everybody likes this, and to help appease those, they make HSS and HH guitars. This is the HH version. The guitar features an alder body, a maple neck with a maple fretboard (one piece with a skunk stripe), 21 frets, dot inlays, vintage tremolo, two humbucker pickups, one volume, two tones and a three way switch.


The guitar's biggest flaw was that the nut needed to be refiled slightly. The nut was binding and causing some odd vibrations on the G string. This can be cured in about 5 to 10 minutes with some high quality nut files, so it's not a huge deal. The frets themselves were fairly standard for the Fender Standard series. They were decent, but they're nowhere near the high end guitars like Anderson, Suhr, etc. The neck pocket was nice and tight without any major gaps in it, so no issues there. All in all, fairly solid.


Every time I picked this up, I couldn't help but think that it was missing something. It lacked that Fender sound due to the lack of singles, and it was almost like it wanted to be more like a Jackson or Charvel guitar. The humbucker in the bridge was average, but it lacked the clarity and punch that I normally go for. The neck was much the same in that it was a bit uninspiring. If I were to install pickups in this, I'd probably look at something in the Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio line up. Both of those companies offer very solid replacements.


The guitar isn't really a strat, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. If this were a Charvel, I could understand, but it just seems odd for Fender to release a guitar with two humbuckers, in my opinion. I also am a huge fan of singles in the neck and bridge, so that's another thing I'm iffy on. The guitar itself is decent, and some of these blow away the American ones. Be sure to play a ton before buying.

iamqman's review"Nice and beefy!"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
fender is probably the biggest music company in the world when it comes to amp and guitars. They have been played all over the world from beginner learning guitar players to the best professionals in the world. Any guitar who has ever been playing the guitar longer than a few year most likely have picked up owned a Fender Stratocaster at some point.

My very first guitar was Fender Strat but with the standard three single coil operation. I have always wanted Fender Deluxe American made but it seems those are a little too hard to find. And forget about getting one with a Floyd Rose Tremelo in it unless you live in Japan. Fender if you are listening, bring us some American made 2 humbucker Strats over here please. Until that time then I'll just get a Charvel Custom or two.


Product Details:

* 014-0011-300
* 2010 FSR Std Strat MN MET 3TSB
* Alder body
* Maple, modern "C" Shape neck, (Tinted Satin Urethane Finish)
* Maple fingerboard,9.5" Radius (241 mm)
* 21 medium Jumbo frets
* 2 Humbuckers
* 1 Volume, 2 Tones
* 5 Position Switch
* Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo bridge
* Fender/Ping Standard Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines
* Chrome hardware
* 3-Ply Black Pickguard
* 25.5" (648 mm) scale length neck
* 1.650" (42 mm) width at nut
* Vintage Styling
* Black Plastic Parts
* Standard Gig Bag included


My two favorite wood combos are the Alder with Maple and the Alder with Maple and Ebony fret board. This fortunately has the first which is the best wood combination out there. I understand the need and desire for exotic woods and the allure for how beautiful they are, but when it just to straight players guitars needing to rock then there really isn't anything more simple and better than an Alder body and a Maple neck....perhaps a one piece alder body.

The tone from this guitar is very good. It can get beefy with the humbuckers and lighten it up for some single coil action. This is an extremely versatile guitar with the 5 way selector and humbucking and single coil operation.


I am not a fan of Mexican made products. Japan made is great since the Fender builder over there have to go to luthier school. So this guitar is going to feel a little cheaper made than an American made one will feel like. However, this guitar is going to be about half the price too.

I would recommend this guitar to anyone who doesn't want to spend $1200 on an American fender Deluxe guitar. At new these guitars come in at a round $500. not a bad price for a starter guitar.

MGR/thebird55's review"Squier Standard Stratocaster"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
Mod: #032-1602-565. Black Metallic/Maple/Poly Made in Indonesia.
Body: Agathis
Neck: C, 9.5 radius
22 med jumbo
Alnico single coils
Large '60s style headstock
Purchased about 2.5 years ago.

Purchased for $199.99 from Musicians Friend (Now $229.99) because I always wanted a Stratocaster. I was afraid I would be disappointed in a 'second line' guitar but it was all I could afford.

<a href="https://www.musiciansfriend.com/">https://www.musiciansfriend.com/</a>

Quality. Well dressed frets. Good set-up, right out of the box.

It'a a Fender!

Black Metallic paint job looks like its gloss black that just got dusty.
All Fender trems have sloppy arms.

Well made, but would like to see more mass in the block. Finish was flawless.

I would highly recommend this guitar to any beginning or intermediate player, or even an advanced player as a 'beater'. Would also recommend it for people who want a good foundation for modifications. While it is always possible to get a lemon in this price range, these tend to be excellent guitars. Indonesian made guitars seem to be a well kept secret. I have an acoustic made there and it's pretty good, too. My rating is, of course, based mostly on price. However this is one great guitar for any price. I think it's better than the MIM Strats.

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MGR/Johnathan's review"Squier Standard Stratocaster"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
I've been playing for nine years and play everything from rock to Gospel. I actually bought my Squier Strat two years ago, but I thought I'd submit a review for it now.

I was in Tillman Music in Rock Hill, SC when I found this guitar. I was really just looking around killing time with my dad and I saw it hanging there. At the time I was 19 and did a lot of Nirvana covers with my band. It was pearl white with a black pickguard, and it just screamed grunge. I bought it for $180 and even though my musical tastes have changed since my "grunge" days, have never regretted it.

First let me say this. There are a lot of negative things that people say about Squier guitar. "It's not a real Fender so it must be crap." Well, let me tell you that no, it isn't as good as a Fender Strat, but it's still a darn good guitar. This guitar is built better and has better hardware than the affinity (which is much cheaper feeling that the standard series). I love the feel and look of this guitar and two days ago I put Tex Mex Pickups in it and now the thing sounds like a $600 Fender, but I only have $250 invested.

Change the pickups as quick as you can. The guitar doesn't sound "bad" but is very thin sounding and the pickups are pretty noisy. This guitar should be professionally set up as well because I didn't like the factory set up. The sound is just "not quite there" in my opinion, but with my Tex mex pickups it sounds just as good as the real thing.

I've had people tell me that the Squier is cheaply made, but I just don't see it in the guitar I bought. My guitar of choice is higher end Ibanez, but this Squier is just as good. Even the soldering of the wires under the pickguard seem clean and solid.

No, it doesn't have the exact same radius's and whatnot as an American made Strat, but it feels just as good to me.

The bottom line is that if you are on a budget, with a set of pickups you can sound as good as you want. If you like the feel of a Squier then why not just upgrade what you feel comfortable playing. Someday I hope to own an American made Fender Strat, but until then, I'll rock out on my trusty Squier.

My rating is a 5. Is it the best guitar ever? Not by any stretch of the imagination. But it did get a 5 for what you get for the price and how easy it is to upgrade.

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MGR/James's review"Fender Standard Stratocaster"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
I bought me Arctic White Strat from Guitar, Amp and Keyboard (online store) in Merry Olde England. After buying an Epiphone Les Paul (a very nice guitar) I wanted to try a single-coil leccie and went for the one everybody goes for (there's a reason why they do). I paid £319 for it.

I wasn't sure whether to go for the Telecaster or Strat, but I thought "the history goes that the Tele came first then they brought out the Strat as an improvement", which kinda sold me. It was mainly because I'd get that extra pickup, hence more choice sound wise, so a bargain really. I was quite pleased when I found out I had made the right choice, as some of the sounds the Strat produces just make you smile... they're just simply gorgeous. It's smooth and silky (yeah, I know, I'm not reviewing a cigarette brand, lol) but also on the bridge pickup you get a nice dry, harder sound for rockier playing. Also, compaired to my Les Paul it's as light as a feather which really motivates you to practice more... and don't worry about plugging it in everytime you want to practice too, as it sounds fantastic aooustically (actually often I have to remind myself I've forked out all this dosh for an electric and go and plug it in to do it justice, lol).

Being really petty here.... that classic white Fender scratchplate makes seeing the strings a bit tricky when under strong lighting as their shadows are cast quite sharply making things confusing (but the better you get the less you look, so it doesn't become a problem after a while). Also when sitting down practicing I find that top arm can dig into your chest a bit. Well, there you go, that's it... yeah I am petty, lol

I really don't get guitar snobbery. You are not going to be sold a duff guitar by a big name brand like Fender... if you are, it's not on purpopse. This is built to the standard of any £300+ piece of electric equipment, which is professionally, solid, trustworthy and of a high quality for whatever reason the device was built for.... it's that simple. It looks beautiful, sounds beautiful and feels beautiful.

There's no genre you can't dip your toe into with this guitar. Whether you prefer to play light styles or rock. Something I once heard really struck a chord (pun not intended, lol) with me.... "I good guitarist can make his instrument sound any way he wants".... the Fender Strat is famed because it's versatile and easy to play. So buy it, you won't regret it :o)

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MGR/bender's review"Fender Standard Stratocaster"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
i was looking for a upgrade on guitar because 1st i had a silver tone so i need another guitar to get the job done soo i went to music 123.com and i bought a fender standard strat for $350.00

i love the tone and the whammy bar and every thing about it

it broke down so fast and i have o go get it fixed the action way to high neck is'nt on straight and i get a nasty buzz

not sure what the body is made of but the neck is maple chrome hardwear whammy bar bridge 3 singal coil pickups one volume knob and 2 tone knobs 5 way switch

its a nice guitar if you treat it right and not do crazy pshyco shit with it

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MGR/Moreno Caballero07/05/2004

MGR/Moreno Caballero's review"Fender Standard Stratocaster"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
I got this guitar in a trade, I had to give away a Ibanez 320QS quilted top decent guitar and my fresh at all SPX50D yamaha signal processor unit,from 1989, to be back having after several years hating a Fender Stratocaster guitar jimi like artic white color, about noisy pickups, he was using on the late 60s rosewood fretboard, I do not know about the body but the number it is M5069 Msde in Mexico

Mmmmm the balance is perfect so I gave to the unit a 10, the sound it is good in the pickups, so I install a little swith to have the 7 most common sounds for an strat, so I have 1 1-2 2 2-3 3 1-3 1-2-3 combinations

after unassembling the guitar, I found that the nut was not paralell the low E and high E so they will need at least one sixteen of inch to be balanced with the rest of the 2-3-4-5 strings, big mistake about the quality review team of fender, so I will have to replace the nut in the future, but the pickups are good with the exeption of the bridge pickup, so I have to replace with a very old blue lace sensor to have that clear sound I like, and the back strings cover they need to move the cut to change the strings at least one 3/8" in that way you will have access to the holes to restring the guitar.

Even with all the changes and adjusts I have to do the guitar is perfect, you know, if I need it, I have space to a humbucker pickup in the bridge so I will have HSS if I need it, the thing stay in tune after my personal setup. Paint is good with the imperfections they left in the space for pickups, they have to be a little clean, so the body and the fretboard are very good, Just think it is a made in mexico guitar so it will have some imperfections like a persian carpét, so if you do not watch it closely you will not see the imperfections as you do in a persian carpet

So I gave to the guitar a 9 but, they have to put a little more attention to the quality, so Fender have a lot of respect in the guitar busineess, so I think even any guitar if it is made overseas or whatever, they have to keep the quality standards USA models like so, the will sell a Fender stratocaster made whatever guitar but with the Fender Family Quality

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MGR/Epi Fan.05/30/2004

MGR/Epi Fan.'s review"Squier Standard Stratocaster"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
I bought it at a local "Guitar Center."
I paid $300 for it, and a gig bag.
I loved the maple finish.

As mentioned, the "tiger striped,' maple top gives the guitar a stunning appearance.
The tone lasts for days. It has the feel of a seventies-Strat.

The action was high when I got it.
I'm used to playing the standard Fender Strat.
This one takes some getting used to for me.

The construction is awesome.

I'm very happy with my purchase.
The last guitar that I bought before this was also a Squier.

They're some of the best guitars on the market!

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MGR/Adam S.02/10/2004

MGR/Adam S.'s review"Fender Standard Stratocaster"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
Bought it new through a local Fender dealer back in 1995.Waited 4 a long time but it was worth the wait!
I paid around 600eur 4 it back then!Ivory white color maple neck 3 sc pickups!

Since 1995 I changed quite a few things on my strat, but haven't considered selling it once!Built like crap but still sings now in 2004!

The neck joint sucks, wood quality is weak and cheap, I replaced the stock tuners w lockings, put a humbucker in the bridge pos., graphite saddles and nut!I love it now!!!

Built like shit but very dependable. Been through hell and back with me!I do not baby this guitar!

I love this instrument! This one is my first! I love it!I will play it until will stand playing!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Felipe Amorim01/17/2004

MGR/Felipe Amorim's review"Fender Standard Stratocaster"

Fender FSR Standard Stratocaster HH
I bought this guitar because, well, I wanted a guitar that provided good sound and good quality without any complicated maintenance for a good price. I bought it in Brazil for about $550 bucks.

This guitar has a fast-action Maple neck that feels good when playing solos or just the average chords. After a while playing, your hands won't hurt, obviously depending on the kind of strings and their height.
The pickups are good and the hardware is great. Finishing is wonderful.

It did not come with a case.

The guitar is a bit heavy but it's one of the reasons why the sound is so good. The body is made out of poplar, which is used in all mexican Fender guitars. The pickups are the standard mexican which provide very good sound; this guitar has 1 volume and 2 tone controls and a 5 way switching. Comes with tremolo bridge and whammy bar. This guitar is beautiful, a lot of attention was paid to minor details like Fender logos and name on the bridge and tuners. Comes with Fender Super Bullets .009 .011 .016 .024 .032 .042

If you want a guitar to play at home, with friends, or at live gigs, this is your guitar: it looks good, feels good and sounds great. If you want to take it to the next step, upgrade your pickups. Maybe a Seymour Duncan single coil Humbucker will make all you Blink and Greenday players happier.

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