Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]

Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Standard Stratocaster series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 90 reviews )
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Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

Fireguy8402's review"Classic Strat Tones"

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
The Standard MIM Stratocaster is a classic design. This model features either a natural maple or rosewood fretboard on a one piece maple neck with 21 frets. I opted for the maple. The guitar’s body is made of alder and has a vintage styled tremolo. Three single-coil pickups are wired to a five way electronic switch and there is a master volume and two tone knobs. The guitar has Fender branded dicast tuners and comes in several pickup configurations, but mine is the standard three singles.


There is probably no guitar that can cover as many bases as a Strat can. The guitar has several tones available via the selector switch and tone knobs, I call it my Swiss Army guitar because it can do a little bit of everything well. It’s very easy to get a nice sound out of this guitar and it’s probably the easiest playing guitar I’ve ever owned. Something about it just fits my hands well, and the upper fret access is great.


I can use this guitar with my Marshall and get those great Jimi Hendrix tones, or through a Fender styled amp and get Stevie Ray Vaughn at the flip of a switch. It really does cover a lot of territory. This guitar has been used through the years by most of the greats and all those tones found on their recordings are in there if you match it with the right amp. I’m more of a Les Paul guy, but there is nothing that can get the quack or woody tone of a strat. It can be slightly noisy when used with a lot of gain or around electrical fields, but that’s just the nature of a single coiled pickup. It can be cancelled out in switch positions two and four. I wouldn’t try doing metal with a Strat, (though it’s been done) but most other genes of music are usually just layered with a Strat somewhere along the way. This guitar is fairly quiet electronically and I can get just about any tone I’d want out of it, but it is generally thinner sounding than a humbucker equipped guitar, but that’s just common sense.


This is a classic guitar for a lot of reasons. I’m glad Fender is able to keep the made in Mexico versions around 500 dollars US, because picking one up used is affordable for most people. They are a standard guitar and I would go ahead and pick one of these up before I spent money on a cheaper knock off version, because you can get upgraded parts to fit the MIM strat and make it a really sweet guitar if the stock version leaves a little to be desired. I like the pickups, but I’d like them to be a little bit hotter. The wiring on my example is very nice and the neck and body seem to hold up nicely. I don’t use my tremolo so I can’t tell you how that effects the guitar, but I never have any issues with tuning. This guitar seems reliable and a decent bargain if picked up used, a classic for sure.

nickname009's review

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
The second guitar that I ever owned.

Alder body
maple neck 21 frets
rosewood board
Medium jumbo frets
modern C shape neck profile
vintage style trem
poly urethane finish
midnight wine

3 single coil mexican fender pickups
1 master volume with 2 tones and a 5 way switch


This is a standard strat, it's hard to describe specifically because it's so well known already by everybody. The strat has been around the longest was it was one of the first electric guitars to be invented!!

Compared to the telecaster, yes I'd say it's ergonomically improved, with body contours and forearm contours. The pickups suck, are generic sounding, lifeless and of course, super noisy. Just like it used to be way back when.

Upper fret access is a bit of a problem, a little bit tough, not as difficult as a tele, but still quite a bit since it's very blocky.


Sounds? Depends. If you're setup for mainly clean and jazzy blues stuff yet also setup to reduce the 60 cycle hum, then you're golden. Otherwise you're in for quite a bit of modding from the start which can be quite frustrating for beginners or those who don't do a lot of mods or have such experience.

So as stock I'd have to say it's not a versatile guitar. It's sort of like you're paying a base price for the name and the strat body but the sound part itself is designed so that you'd have to buy aftermarket stuff to get it working for you. Which sucks for most players. Some players who like to build their own, or DIY stuff etc it's fine but most players just wanna plug in and play, I'm sure they do. And a guitar like this tricks beginners into thinking they're gonna sound great, then as soon as they plug in they think that all that noise is normal!!

It's not normal and it's not your fault!! it's fender's fault for making you compromise! nowadays there are tons of guitars in the same price range, either well known or not, that sound much better from the box without needing to do any surgery!


Overall it was my 2nd guitar that I ever owned as I was told that fender was the best. They are not. They are well known, yes but they aren't the best. Neither is this piece. It's average at best and requires one to change the pickups or have a rig setup to stop from being too noisy. 60 cycle hum is everywhere! The guitar itself sound-wise is not versatile from the start and this is why I've given it such a bad review. As I said before, for the beginner, it tricks the player who doesn't know anything about hum etc into thinking that it's normal and then they go on for god knows how long until finally realizing their guitar pickups in their strat are complete crap! It's embarrassing, humiliating and doesn't need to be this way!

I know, i was one of these victims during my first 2 years of playing and learning guitar!
King Loudness08/11/2011

King Loudness's review"A good Strat at a good price"

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
The Fender Standard Strat is made in Fender's plant in Mexico as a lower cost alternative to the venerable American Standard guitar that is so loved by many around the world. It shares many features with it's more expensive brethren and they are both Strats at their core, but there are some notable differences in playability, tone, and features. The Mexican Standard Strat features an alder body, a maple neck with a gloss finish and 21 frets, a fulcum tremolo, Fender branded tuners and some slightly higher output Fender ceramic single coils mated with the atypical Strat controls. Here's the full list of specs:

Body Shape:Stratocaster

Neck Shape:Modern "C" Shape
Number of Frets:21
Fret Size:Medium Jumbo
Position Inlays:Black or White Dot Position Inlays
Fretboard Radius:9.5" (24.1 cm)
Fretboard:Rosewood or Maple
Neck Material:Maple
Neck Finish:Tinted Satin Urethane
Nut Width:1.650 (42 mm)
Scale Length:25.5" (64.8 cm)
Neck Plate:Standard 4 Bolt
Truss Rod Nut:3/16" Hex Adjustment

Pickup Configuration:S/S/S
Bridge Pickup:Standard Single-Coil Strat Bridge Pickup
Middle Pickup:Standard Single-Coil Strat Middle Pickup
Neck Pickup:Standard Single-Coil Strat Neck Pickup
Pickup Switching:5-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup, Position 3. Middle Pickup, Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup, Position 5. Neck Pickup
Controls:Master Volume, Tone 1. (Neck Pickup), Tone 2. (Middle Pickup)

Bridge:Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo
Tuning Machines:Standard Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines
String Nut:Synthetic Bone
Switch Tip:Parchment Switch Tip
Tremolo Arm/Handle:Vintage Style Tremolo Arm

Truss Rod Wrench:0.1875"

Strings:Fender USA Super Bullets 3250L, NPS, (.009-.042 Gauges)
Unique Features:Vintage Styling, Fender Transition Logo, Parchment Plastic Parts

Case/Gig Bag:Standard Gig Bag
Pickguard:3-Ply Parchment
Included Accessories:Standard Gig Bag
Control Knobs:Parchment Plastic


The design of the Strat is much more ergonomic and contoured than say, a Les Paul. This Mexican made version stays true to that ideal, with a fairly light weight and good contouring throughout the body. The neck finish doesn't impede hand movement, and the whole guitar feels solid and reliable. The upper fret access is quite good on this Strat, aside from the blocky neck heel which may bother some folks.

Getting a good sound out of this guitar is very simple to me. It's laid out just like a typical Strat and the pickups respond in a very good "Stratty" way, with just the right amount of punch and clarity where it is required. It does everything from clean to mean just like a good Strat should. It doesn't quite have the fullness of the American Series Strat (IE: It tends to sound a little bit thinner and weaker, especially on clean sounds) but it's not a dealbreaker for the price.


I've tried many of these over the years through many different tube and solid state amps that excel at both clean and overdriven tones. The clean sounds of this guitar are good for the price. They sound like a Strat should and offer a good range of tones from glassy neck pickup blues/jazz to some throaty Stevie Ray tones in the middle position to some bright, glass shattering Dick Dale surf tones in the bridge. Very cool.

The overdrive tones on this guitar sound good and punchy in all positions, as a Strat should. It's not quite as thick as the American ones in this area either, but it still sounds good of its own merit. The pickups have a certain compression to them that kind of irks me a little bit, but that is moreso a problem with the newer models, which I believe have different pickups than the older ones. With a pickup swap these guitars really do sound superior... I've tried them with EMG and DiMarzio pickups, both with excellent results.


All in all I feel that the Fender Standard Strat is a decent buy for someone looking for a good guitar to ape some classic and modern Fender tones for not a whole lot of change. At $500 new these guitars are fairly priced for what you get. They're made to a good and consistent quality standard, and aside from the electronics I would say they're a killer guitar for the money. It's not even that the electronics are bad per se, they just sound weaker and more compressed compared to the American Standard Strat electronics.

iamqman's review"American Standard!!!!"

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
One of the single greatest accomplishments in musical history. The Fender Stratocaster is easily the most recognized guitar and one for the most versatile guitars in the world. These guitars have been played by almost every guitar player in the word at one time or another. They have been feature on countless recordings and touring from every stage under the sun. They even have a tribute festival dedicated to the guitar it self for its 50th anniversary. So to say that these guitars has left an impression on the musical world would be an understatement.


* Solid alder body (urethane finish)
* Modern C-shaped maple neck with rich, deep neck tint, glossed neck front with satin back
* 22 medium jumbo frets
* 3 hot American Strat single-coil pickups
* Delta-tone™ no-load circuit (includes high output bridge pickup and special no-load tone control for middle and bridge pickups)
* Bent steel Fender saddles
* Copper Infused Cast Strat® Bridge Block (steel with copper- 100% metal) for Increased Mass and Improved Tone
* Thinner undercoat for improved body resonance
* American 2-point trem
* Rosewood or maple fretboard
* Staggered machine heads
* Fender SKB hardshell case, cable, strap, and polishing cloth


These guitars sound amazing in any format you put them in. They are an essential element of music and will be until judgment day. When it comes to the sound of a Strat there really is no other. I hear guys talk about finding a Strat sounding guitar and look to Suhr and Anderson and completely bypass the sound that started it all. The sound is everyone from Jimmy to John Mayor and in between.

I play rock music and this guitar is great for my style. I love Charvels and will probably put this guitar down when I get one of those. I prefer humbuckers to the single coils.


I would recommend this guitar to any guitar player. Everyone needs a Fender Strat in their arsenal. A great everyday guitar and a players dream. So many tonal possibilities that will accompany anything musical genre from pop to modern rock.

At new you can pick one of these guitars up for right around $1099, which isn't bad for an American rock legend. You can find them on the used market for right around $650. So even the used ones hold there value pretty well.

Hatsubai's review"The standard stratocaster"

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
The Fender Standard series strat is probably the most well known and most popular strat out there. It's a mid grade model strat that features most of the features everybody wants in a regular strat. They come with an alder body, maple neck with your choice of maple or rosewood fretboards, a vintage tremolo, SSS configuration, volume knob, two tone knobs and a 5 way switch.


The standard series is built off of the original '50s strats in the day but updated just a touch. It has a modern C shaped neck that feels comfortable in most people's hands. It should be very easy to adapt to no matter what preference you have regarding neck thickness. The radius is the standard 9.5'' radius that most people seem to get along with. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the smaller 9.5'' radius, but it's all personal preference. One problem I have with these guitars is that they only have 21 frets. I really wish it would have 22 frets like the American series... Fretwork on this is probably the biggest thing most people wonder about, and to be honest, these things are about on par with MIA strats.


I'm not a huge fan of the stock pickups. They can work, but I find them to be a bit bland sounding. Once you replace the pickups, they can really come alive. Alder bodies with maple necks just seem to be a match made in heaven, and that combo tends to work with most any aftermarket pickups you can throw at it. I'm a fan of using the DiMarzio Area series in these guitars to really give them some more life.


If you're in the market for a strat, this is probably the model you'll be looking at the most. It's a great guitar for the price, and with a pickup swap, it can be a wonderful player's guitar. Keep in mind that it's an MIM strat, and while the fretwork tends to be pretty good, there are some real dogs out there. Like all Fenders, you should really play a bunch of them before taking the plunge of buying one.

PurposeToMelody's review

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
Fender Blacktop Stratocaster® Solidbody Electric Guitar Features at a Glance:

* Colors: Black
* Body Shape: Stratocaster
* Body Material: Alder
* Neck: Rosewood
* Neck Finish: Gloss Urethane
* Fretboard: Rosewood
* Fretboard Radius: 9.5" Radius
* Frets: 21, Medium Jumbo
* Position Inlays: White Dots
* Scale Length: 25.5"
* Nut Width: 1.650"
* String Nut: Synthetic Bone
* Truss Rod Nut: 3/16" Adjustable Hex Nut
* Pickups: Hot Vintage Alnico Humbucking Bridge Pickup
* Hot Vintage Alnico Humbucking Neck Pickup
* Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1. (Neck Pickup), Tone 2. (Bridge Pickup)
* Hardware: Black
* Tuning Keys: Standard Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines
* Bridge: Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo
* Tremolo Arm: Vintage Style Tremolo Arm
* Strap Buttons: Vintage Style Strap Buttons
* Control Knobs: Skirted Amp Knobs
* Pickguard: 3-Ply Black


Its a strat, you get what you get. It is easy to get at the top frets and really gets a great sound simply, its a plug and play guitar, very much a standard in the guitar industry. Just like I've said in other reviews. a strat is a strat is a strat is a strat and thats what you get.


I use it with Laney GH50L. it was my first guitar, and you know what, at the time it sounded great, its super fast on the neck and really feels great all over. is it mexican? yes, but man, its hard to beat out for the price even still today. I really enjoy the bridge tones out of it its just a good rock'n'roll machine, but don't expect too many vintage type strat tones out of the HH configuration.

The pick ups are a muddy and undefinied and I really strongly suggest changing the pickups if you plan on getting this, but if you're a beginner you'll be fine for a while with these pups, but change them soon if you can.

I personally ended up putting a whole new pickguard/electronics on the thing from an old MIA strat and it sounds great, I hardly play it anymore in favor of my Les Paul and MIA Strat though, sad. I keep it for the value that it was my first guitar though, and honestly it still looks and plays great.


Overall, I really do like it, especially as a first electric guitar, so if you want something simple and good sounding on the cheaps do it and I doubt you'll be disappointed!
Audiofanzine FR12/30/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
Originally written by C'est moi! on Audiofanzine FR.

Standard Mexican Strat.


The neck is very similar to the one on my Squier. Very good ergonomics, comfortable instrument. The controls and the toggle switch work very precisely.


I was looking for a guitar that provided good clean and crunch sounds. I like the sound (I play it with a Fender Blues Junior amp and some stomp boxes). This setup is perfect for me. The sound of the bridge pickup is a bit harsh. I prefer the other pickup combinations producing a rounder and softer clean sound. There is no comparison with my Squier. The Squier doesn't sound like a Strat. With this guitar, the sound is clear, precise and round, the controls don't generate noise, the sustain is long! In short, I like it!


I've been using it for a few days. Compared with my Squier, it's perfect. Sold with a gig bag, which is a nice thing considering the price. The sound is much better than that of the Chines copies.

mooseherman's review"Perfectly fine Strat"

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
This is a Mexican made Fender Stratocaster. Some people imply that because it is made in Mexico, that it is somehow worse than American strats. While the wiring and pickups might be slightly inferior, I don't think there is a whole lot of difference, as American Strats aren't all they used to be, either. There are 3 single-coil pickups, a volume and two tone knobs, a 5-way pickup selector switch. The guitar has an alder body, a maple neck and fingerboard. The guitar has 21 frets and a vintage style tremolo bridge.


There are no problems with this guitar, it's easy to reach the top notes and to play all over it. There's a good chance that it will need a setup once you buy it, but that's pretty typical. It's a light guitar, easy to carry and play, and easy to fit in a large number of gig bags and hardshell cases. Getting a nice sound out of it is pretty easy overall, it's a Strat, they tend to sound good.


While I like the way this Strat sounded at first, I definitely was going for a more classic sound, so I changed the pickups out. While the newer pickups are definitely more "modern" sounding, and they are perfectly fine overall, I would say that they aren't quite up to snuff with what Fender used to put out. I switched them for a set of custom made single-coils that really got the job done. The guitar now has a nice, clean bright sound reminiscent of the sounds of old, like Jeff Beck, Hendrix, and others. I'm a big fan of the old pickups but I'd say these new ones are far superior. If you want the best out of this guitar, you'll be able to get it with the right pickups. My guitar now has a bright clean sound and a high attack, in-your-face distorted sound. It's noisy, but that'll happen with single-coils.


I think the best thing about this guitar is it's flexibility, with a little work it can sound fantastic. It's a great price, and granted, you may have to do some more work on it to have it sounding perfect, but it's still a good guitar. I've played a lot of strats, this one is far from the best but It'll certainly hold up to many of them after the aforementioned repairs.

MGR/Anonymous's review"Fender American Standard Strat"

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]

I bought my AM strat at a place called Falcettis music. Great store. Its a 60 year anniversary additon for what thats worth. I was looking to update an inexpensive squier that I started with. I spec'ed out every available strat on the fender web sight for features and dimensions I wanted. I also wanted and American made strat for obvious reasons. The quality of our products far exceeds that of imports. American troops are fighting to keep us free the least we can do is fight a little back home to keep a few more jobs in this country. (sorry I got on a little patriotic rant there)

The biggest thing for me was a comfortable neck and fret board. Many of the strats out there have small nut width. The AM strat has a 1.687 " width. Big diference in room for the fingers. Also has a satin neck, nice and smooth, not sticky feeling. I chose maple board. Just seems to glide nicer. This guitar as others mentioned holds tuning very well. It has that strat sound I prefer to many others. The factory set up on mine was great for me. Strings not too high ect. This guitar is such a pleasure to play. It was worth the $799 all day long. Came with a great case and lots of extra goodies.

You know I honestly cant think of anything I dont like about this guitar. Other than its hard to put down even after 3 or 4 hours of practice.

Great fit and finish. Attension to detail. Simple and direct style and design. Coming from a machinist that should tell you something.

If your looking to get a good player check this guitar out. If you like it, buy and get playin.......life is short.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/skinning lynyrd03/22/2006

MGR/skinning lynyrd's review"Fender Standard Mexican Stratocaster"

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
I play in a rock band.

i bought this guitar about 2 1/2 years ago at sam ash music for aaround $380. I needed a good guitar for all purposes and this did the trick.

its got a great sound which can be distrubuted 5 ways over its 3 tex mex pickups. this makes for very interchangeble sounds. the guitar can be used for rythm or lead and sounds great both ways. the neck is set very nicely and is solid maple. it has a beautiful finish on it that seams to be very thick yet doesnt weigh down the guitar. It comes in both lefty and righty (im a lefty) and like 5 different colors.

MY only real problem with this instrument is that its vibrato is very easy to move do to the whammy bar attachment. This means that if u change the strings you better not nead to play the guitar for at least 2 hours because it will just keep coming out of tune. it goes from looking like this \ to like this __ and then back again for a long time. other than that this is a great guitar.

Its got a really nice finish and isnt really heavy. i like the feal the neck like i said is really nice with the maple and its very sturdy over all.

The bottom line is that this guitar is versitile, great, and almost as good as and american strat.if ur planning on buying a squier i would strongly urge u to spend an extra 100 and buy this guitar. its infinatly better.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com