Godin Artisan ST Signature
Godin Artisan ST Signature

Artisan ST Signature, STC-Shaped Guitar from Godin in the Artisan series.

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gadjot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Guitar to be missed!"

Godin Artisan ST Signature
Made in Canada that's on a Godin is therefore a U.S.
Very nice table in curly maple superb! wooden body of a tree but I do not know
which in my opinion of alder or ash can be heavy but not so to be confirmed,
casesen maple neck with 22 birds eye, superb! neither too broad nor too fine a pretty close but slightly thinner strat with a radius not too pronounced, easy to play soft and pleasant, like any race you need a little time to adapt a half hours just for me, touch ebony very smooth once again superb, self-locking mechanical Shaller, Shaller bridge built on the table, set out to be quiet, three single coil Godin, I did not know these pickups with a bar has two floors as a block, making this guitar is really high fly just as good as a stratovolcanoes, I have four, two deluxe and a standard one jeff beck, I could compare!


the handle is very easy to learn, the violin is so good that all the possible settings that you like or play up the strings near the neck rolling! small flat rod trusroad name is listed micro and not on the head like a lot of scratches and the handle must be removed to access the adjustment screw but hey this is feasible, the pickup selector is in my opinion wrong placed, it is between the volume knob and the tone,


are clear and are really good, crystalline and very precise, not a stat not a gibson, not a Godin! I think the difference in tone is due to the combined ebony fingerboard with maple table that gives something very defined, bass and treble are very much the medium a bit less, again this lutherie guitar can have a different sound and close to a fender, the saturation is usable on the three microphones that have more than just fishing winding stratovolcano, no need to invest in a hot rail to swell the sound, my musical styles are quite varied but tend rock, jazz rock, blues ... this guitar has its own personality and is very versatile, com of ab or not here please!


I just bought 500 euros used in trocmusic in the 8th in Paris. this is a really good guitar not that easy to find but used it well worth it, really superb violin worth ocazz prices, are found with different pickup configurations with a floyd rose too short a business!

peffert's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I am a huge fan of Godin"

Godin Artisan ST Signature
my guitar is a signature artisan ST 1999. birdseye maple neck 22 frets
key eye maple. flamed maple top stained in blue "lagoon". the body is perhaps limewood, but I'm not sure. it is colored blue-purple. 3 seymour duncan pickups litlle '59, vibrato schaller type "2000". manufactured in Canada and assembled in USA. A 5-way switch, 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob (without push / pull)
very beautiful instrument, probably my best!


the neck is very nice and I find it very fast.
mics produce no "hum" even highgain: this is awesome!
access to acute is easy, in the standards of other craftsman ST, slightly better than on a Stratocaster.


the sound of Duncan Little '59 is excellent, with a vintage touch more compared to schaller / godin hot rail mounted on other craftsman ST signature (I also own an ST equipped with a microphone that these helped me compare). against saturation by "crunch" appears in the clear soon enough. the output level is excellent, plus these pickups are very quiet!
I personally tweaked the wiring to cancel splittage pickups neck and bridge positions 2 and 4 of the selector (middle pickup remained in the humbucker). Originally, these two positions gave sound a little too hollow for my taste with a significant power reduction. after restoring all humbuckers pickups in these positions "intermediate", the sound is much richer and more interesting.
perfect for the vintage blues crunch, it also excels at heavy distortion with great sustain and excellent fishing. by playing against a very "clean", we must lower the amplifier gain.
typed Strat sound is very warm and I think he has personality.


I did that last week, but with ST1 for over 15 years, I can already say that the signature stands out as an exceptional instrument!
These guitars were not popular (although it seems to take these days ...), you should take advantage, they are instruments of professional quality for an unbeatable price.
I never resell my Godin Artisan (which I have a 3 TC), they are all excellent. In addition we no longer found in stores, it is to me become true collectors!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin Artisan ST Signature
Canadian-made Stratocaster-type handle, 22 boxes in Maple mouchet covered with a key in ebony, floating bridge Wilkinson, a volume knob and a Tone knob for all three microphones, selector five positions potentiomtre push-pull on tonalit.Micros humbucker the GODIN brand simple desktop format with double barrette mtallique.Ils have the advantage not to return unwanted noise like snoring.


The handle is in the spirit Fender Stato, U-profile, well finished, 42 mm at the nut. the access to acute is easy. the guitar is a bit more lightweight than a stratovolcano. Its sunburst finish is trsrussie and highlights the wood species particularly well slectionnes both for their acoustic qualities, qu'esthtiques.
The sound is like that of Strato, but rounder and less dynamic. The use of a compressor is not provided dconseille and can rvler useful hen the coupled effect of overdrive or distortion. The sustain notes is longer than with a stratovolcano without galer that of a Gibson.


I take the Hendrix compound with this guitar and in this case, I use a compressor and an overdrive. In his clear, I plugged into a JC120. In this configuration Last I take full part of its expressive qualities in jazz fusion, funk music, Latin music and variety.
For rsumer, this guitar is approaching a stratovolcano with a rounder sound.
The sonorits that I prefer are, first, that obtained with the neck pickup volume 3/4 Tone slightly attnue, branch on a 120 AD with the chorus and in deuxiemme place the sound with the neck pickup and mic intermediary flight 3/4, no tonality privilgier to shine, with a clear sound of a lg ADD mode re rverbe or dealay discreet.


I use it for about five years. I appreciates for its comfortable cot, her lightness caratre expressive and warm, and then because it is aesthetically beautiful.
Its manufacturing quality is that of a stratovolcano Suprieure USA and is similar to standard models produced by CUSTOM SHOP. It has the merit of very sound good with a draft of 10/52 caliber, but his vibrato is fragile. I Blocked with a shim system in the cavity at the springs. Sold at a price 90 years dpassant 10 thousand, it is now more used his hand produite.En rating makes it more accessible.
Repeat the same choice today ... yes ... but there are so many good models currently the opportunit to discover a singular instrument push me to try those I do not know ... Me not in Sparer would Nevertheless painful.

romuvert's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin Artisan ST Signature
Foreword: signature model or not, I know nothing at all (and we do not care for that matter)

Guitar made in Canada, where shoot beautiful bird's eye maple (fortunately mine is more beautiful than the picture above!)
22 frets, micro Godin SC but with two bars: the hybrid between singles and doubles? (Real origin of digging: Seymour perhaps?)
Wilkinson vibrato bridge with
Start with micro switch type 2 positions: high-volume button (thud) and button down (its brilliant)


Channel U super nice, kind of scratching Highway: has not moved for 13 years
the sound is really very typical multi-strat and a powerful output level (the same as my Jacobacci equipped with 2 double Di Marzio), I found a similar sound, especially in positions 2 and 4 (typical strat) with a Start of old US 78 who had a "big" sound for a stratum. I think the quality of the sound comes from two bars located on the microphone.
It's a guitar myself for 13 years at home and live or in studio
only weak point: the vibrato, it must be set from time to time and a little galley c (since we forgot the right moves at once to another), and second, it is supposed to hang in rest position and the case c if it is set correctly, but if its use is abused, the guitar goes out of tune a little bit anyway.
Also, the position of "high volume" has never found favor in my ears (so I only positions that 5 of 10)


So, not recommended for furious vibrato
it should if not all styles of zic, though really do not get the sound with Metheny (but it still stands to play jazz with the neck pickup, tone serious background, a small chorus and a compressor)
I used it with a lot of stuff from the time right now with a Line 6 pod xt live: c terrible! Gretch use modeling with vintage reverb that goes well, put the mic the guitar in the bridge position and go for the big Chuck Berry (with a type "strata", who would have thought?)!
Seriously, I use most often position 4 micro well and it slams it right if one has a good amp behind


Finally, I would say that since the time it is part of the family and I do not part with it one day, I think the scratch has certainly influenced my game and my sound for 13 years I have: a beautiful love story!

zenile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin Artisan ST Signature
Good violin, guitar comfortable, 22 frets, micro Godin, 5 lever position and knob Volume 2 position. Sonoritées possibilities of either 10, the volume knob in the down position sound like a Guibson, sharp and rounded. High position rather Stratocaster, sparkle and accurate.
The bridge is brand Pat Wilkinson States.
Mechanical oil bath and locking wheel not compression.


The neck is thin enough and comfortable. The sound is very good, even if you do not have a Mesa, we quickly found a sound that rings.
It is robust, and very nice (to each his own, it's on!).
The game is easy.
The only problem is the vibrato, not terrible, hard to adjust and not very reliable. This is not a success on this side, some users prefer even condemned, for my part I keep it because it amuses me well from time to time and I know that we should not abuse it too much (too much hassle with ).
The pickups are excellent and deserve their places on the guitar.


The guitar is really comfortable, not for the excitement of the race, but it adapts well to any style, picking, tapping, arpeggios, play the bottleneck. it is versatile and offers a very good finish.
I have been limited by the guitar by its number of freight and impossibilitées to play it quickly, it is not a highway, I sold a N4 to buy this guitar, I struggled with m 'to do at first, and then in the end I find it so versatile that I forgot to tire myself out trying to play malmsteen.
it's the same impression as selling his honda sports to buy a Harley.


It ages well (maybe better than me) 10 years ago that I lagged behind and has not moved.
investment is on, but now she's priceless, I got attached and I do not sell it for anything.