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Godin user reviews

  • Godin xtSA

    Godin xtSA - "Godin XTSA"


    I am an intermediate player who was looking for an "all in one" guitar. I play in a worship band (acoustic), lead (only guitar) in a 60s/70s/80s/90s/00s rock band, and am the lead singer/co-guitarist (mainly lead) in a variety party band. I played it…

  • Godin Freeway SA

    Godin Freeway SA - "Very good guitar, with additional MIDI"


    Made in Canada, like all Godin guitars, but the Canadian-made parts are surprisingly assembled in the USA. Floyd Rose-style bridge – at least one with a tremolo that goes in both directions, bolt-on neck with 22 frets, Godin pickups: 2 humbuckers wit…

  • Godin xtSA

    Godin xtSA - "Versatile But Flawed"


    I bought this primarily to use as an "all around" guitar. Acoustic, synth, electric in one instrument. I find the electronics to be fairly good. However, the guitar weighs more than any other I own, including my Strat and Tele. Noise resonates throug…

  • Godin xtSA

    Godin xtSA - "Awesome, ultra-comprehensive"


    I bought directly in Canada. This is the only guitar I have bought without trying it out before. It's the most versatile guitar there is. It's 3 instruments in 1. 1 acoustic-electric part, 1 electric part with 5 pickups in HSH configuration, and a h…

  • Godin LGX-SA

    Godin LGX-SA - "Beautiful and Versatile "


    This is a great, Canadian-made guitar. I've been using it for a little over 5 years now and haven't so far felt the need to purchase a new electric because this guitar is so multi-faceted. It has all the normal specs of a great electric. 22 frets…

  • Godin xtSA

    Godin xtSA - "Versatile and comfortable"


    Canada, 22 frets, complex controls - see Godin: 5 pickups, piezo, Roland 13pin! In 1995 I wanted to buy a guitar like this one from a renown French luthier - its price (in 1995): 5500 Euros! USE It has a very pleasant neck and a good design, i…

  • Godin LG Hmb

    Godin LG Hmb - "NIce and decent"


    Godin guitars is known for making pretty good sounding guitars but even more impressive looking guitars. They do have their classic guitars that take a lot of influence from previous guitar manufactures but then they put their own twist on some of th…

  • Godin 5th Avenue

    Godin 5th Avenue - "Cool, daddy-o"


    The Godin 5th Avenue is an archtop guitar made in the tradition of many of the very simplistic guitars made by Gibson, Epiphone, Harmony, Regal, et al in the forties and fifties. It's extremely no frills, but it sacrifices needless features and exces…

  • Godin Redline 3

    Godin Redline 3 - "Godins shred guitar"


    Godin is a company well known to jazz players and people who are up to date with midi and synth electronics in guitars. Godin is always trying to innovate whether it be with electronics or different construction methods. Godin always has something ne…

  • Godin xtSA

    Godin xtSA - patachew's review


    I'm posting this review after several weeks of owning this guitar. This guitar is manufactured in Canada. The bridge is a simple floating type bridge (not a Floyd, fortunately). To tighten it you need a very fine Allen key (I'm a fan of this system b…