Godin Artisan ST Signature
Godin Artisan ST Signature

Artisan ST Signature, STC-Shaped Guitar from Godin in the Artisan series.

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Godin Artisan ST Signature : Anonymous 's user review


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Canadian-made Stratocaster-type handle, 22 boxes in Maple mouchet covered with a key in ebony, floating bridge Wilkinson, a volume knob and a Tone knob for all three microphones, selector five positions potentiomtre push-pull on tonalit.Micros humbucker the GODIN brand simple desktop format with double barrette mtallique.Ils have the advantage not to return unwanted noise like snoring.


The handle is in the spirit Fender Stato, U-profile, well finished, 42 mm at the nut. the access to acute is easy. the guitar is a bit more lightweight than a stratovolcano. Its sunburst finish is trsrussie and highlights the wood species particularly well slectionnes both for their acoustic qualities, qu'esthtiques.
The sound is like that of Strato, but rounder and less dynamic. The use of a compressor is not provided dconseille and can rvler useful hen the coupled effect of overdrive or distortion. The sustain notes is longer than with a stratovolcano without galer that of a Gibson.


I take the Hendrix compound with this guitar and in this case, I use a compressor and an overdrive. In his clear, I plugged into a JC120. In this configuration Last I take full part of its expressive qualities in jazz fusion, funk music, Latin music and variety.
For rsumer, this guitar is approaching a stratovolcano with a rounder sound.
The sonorits that I prefer are, first, that obtained with the neck pickup volume 3/4 Tone slightly attnue, branch on a 120 AD with the chorus and in deuxiemme place the sound with the neck pickup and mic intermediary flight 3/4, no tonality privilgier to shine, with a clear sound of a lg ADD mode re rverbe or dealay discreet.


I use it for about five years. I appreciates for its comfortable cot, her lightness caratre expressive and warm, and then because it is aesthetically beautiful.
Its manufacturing quality is that of a stratovolcano Suprieure USA and is similar to standard models produced by CUSTOM SHOP. It has the merit of very sound good with a draft of 10/52 caliber, but his vibrato is fragile. I Blocked with a shim system in the cavity at the springs. Sold at a price 90 years dpassant 10 thousand, it is now more used his hand produite.En rating makes it more accessible.
Repeat the same choice today ... yes ... but there are so many good models currently the opportunit to discover a singular instrument push me to try those I do not know ... Me not in Sparer would Nevertheless painful.