Godin Artisan ST Signature
Godin Artisan ST Signature

Artisan ST Signature, STC-Shaped Guitar from Godin in the Artisan series.

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peffert 04/19/2012

Godin Artisan ST Signature : peffert's user review

«  I am a huge fan of Godin »

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my guitar is a signature artisan ST 1999. birdseye maple neck 22 frets
key eye maple. flamed maple top stained in blue "lagoon". the body is perhaps limewood, but I'm not sure. it is colored blue-purple. 3 seymour duncan pickups litlle '59, vibrato schaller type "2000". manufactured in Canada and assembled in USA. A 5-way switch, 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob (without push / pull)
very beautiful instrument, probably my best!


the neck is very nice and I find it very fast.
mics produce no "hum" even highgain: this is awesome!
access to acute is easy, in the standards of other craftsman ST, slightly better than on a Stratocaster.


the sound of Duncan Little '59 is excellent, with a vintage touch more compared to schaller / godin hot rail mounted on other craftsman ST signature (I also own an ST equipped with a microphone that these helped me compare). against saturation by "crunch" appears in the clear soon enough. the output level is excellent, plus these pickups are very quiet!
I personally tweaked the wiring to cancel splittage pickups neck and bridge positions 2 and 4 of the selector (middle pickup remained in the humbucker). Originally, these two positions gave sound a little too hollow for my taste with a significant power reduction. after restoring all humbuckers pickups in these positions "intermediate", the sound is much richer and more interesting.
perfect for the vintage blues crunch, it also excels at heavy distortion with great sustain and excellent fishing. by playing against a very "clean", we must lower the amplifier gain.
typed Strat sound is very warm and I think he has personality.


I did that last week, but with ST1 for over 15 years, I can already say that the signature stands out as an exceptional instrument!
These guitars were not popular (although it seems to take these days ...), you should take advantage, they are instruments of professional quality for an unbeatable price.
I never resell my Godin Artisan (which I have a 3 TC), they are all excellent. In addition we no longer found in stores, it is to me become true collectors!