Godin Artisan ST Signature
Godin Artisan ST Signature

Artisan ST Signature, STC-Shaped Guitar from Godin in the Artisan series.

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gadjot 08/01/2012

Godin Artisan ST Signature : gadjot's user review

«  Guitar to be missed! »

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Made in Canada that's on a Godin is therefore a U.S.
Very nice table in curly maple superb! wooden body of a tree but I do not know
which in my opinion of alder or ash can be heavy but not so to be confirmed,
casesen maple neck with 22 birds eye, superb! neither too broad nor too fine a pretty close but slightly thinner strat with a radius not too pronounced, easy to play soft and pleasant, like any race you need a little time to adapt a half hours just for me, touch ebony very smooth once again superb, self-locking mechanical Shaller, Shaller bridge built on the table, set out to be quiet, three single coil Godin, I did not know these pickups with a bar has two floors as a block, making this guitar is really high fly just as good as a stratovolcanoes, I have four, two deluxe and a standard one jeff beck, I could compare!


the handle is very easy to learn, the violin is so good that all the possible settings that you like or play up the strings near the neck rolling! small flat rod trusroad name is listed micro and not on the head like a lot of scratches and the handle must be removed to access the adjustment screw but hey this is feasible, the pickup selector is in my opinion wrong placed, it is between the volume knob and the tone,


are clear and are really good, crystalline and very precise, not a stat not a gibson, not a Godin! I think the difference in tone is due to the combined ebony fingerboard with maple table that gives something very defined, bass and treble are very much the medium a bit less, again this lutherie guitar can have a different sound and close to a fender, the saturation is usable on the three microphones that have more than just fishing winding stratovolcano, no need to invest in a hot rail to swell the sound, my musical styles are quite varied but tend rock, jazz rock, blues ... this guitar has its own personality and is very versatile, com of ab or not here please!


I just bought 500 euros used in trocmusic in the 8th in Paris. this is a really good guitar not that easy to find but used it well worth it, really superb violin worth ocazz prices, are found with different pickup configurations with a floyd rose too short a business!