Godin Artisan ST Signature
Godin Artisan ST Signature

Artisan ST Signature, STC-Shaped Guitar from Godin in the Artisan series.

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zenile 12/12/2004

Godin Artisan ST Signature : zenile's user review


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Good violin, guitar comfortable, 22 frets, micro Godin, 5 lever position and knob Volume 2 position. Sonoritées possibilities of either 10, the volume knob in the down position sound like a Guibson, sharp and rounded. High position rather Stratocaster, sparkle and accurate.
The bridge is brand Pat Wilkinson States.
Mechanical oil bath and locking wheel not compression.


The neck is thin enough and comfortable. The sound is very good, even if you do not have a Mesa, we quickly found a sound that rings.
It is robust, and very nice (to each his own, it's on!).
The game is easy.
The only problem is the vibrato, not terrible, hard to adjust and not very reliable. This is not a success on this side, some users prefer even condemned, for my part I keep it because it amuses me well from time to time and I know that we should not abuse it too much (too much hassle with ).
The pickups are excellent and deserve their places on the guitar.


The guitar is really comfortable, not for the excitement of the race, but it adapts well to any style, picking, tapping, arpeggios, play the bottleneck. it is versatile and offers a very good finish.
I have been limited by the guitar by its number of freight and impossibilitées to play it quickly, it is not a highway, I sold a N4 to buy this guitar, I struggled with m 'to do at first, and then in the end I find it so versatile that I forgot to tire myself out trying to play malmsteen.
it's the same impression as selling his honda sports to buy a Harley.


It ages well (maybe better than me) 10 years ago that I lagged behind and has not moved.
investment is on, but now she's priceless, I got attached and I do not sell it for anything.