Godin xtSA
Godin xtSA

xtSA, Other Shape Guitar from Godin.

topeye 07/21/2017

Godin xtSA : topeye's user review

"Godin XTSA"

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Advanced Users
I am an intermediate player who was looking for an "all in one" guitar. I play in a worship band (acoustic), lead (only guitar) in a 60s/70s/80s/90s/00s rock band, and am the lead singer/co-guitarist (mainly lead) in a variety party band. I played it through my TECH 21 Trademark 60, with MXR Comp & TC electronic OD in front and TC Electronic NOVA in the effects loop.

The workmanship and finish on this guitar is PERFECT! The neck is buttery, and the intonation right out of the store was perfect as well. I played it through a Mesa Mark at the store and didn't get the strat brightness I'd hoped for but blamed it on the amp. Even with the split coils in 2nd and 4th selected position, I was skeptical but bought it anyway. The hex pickup for MIDI apps tracks great, but I don't think it's an improvement over the separately mounted Roland pickups (I have one a cheap start that tracks as well). The controls are intuitive as well. The acoustic pickup is adequate but definitely lacks the brightness of other options (strats, teles, Epi LPs, cheap Parkers.) However, I could live with all those things, but I have taken it back for one reason -- the electric pickups. Other reviews have warned that the pickups are too "warm" or "vanilla." I agree. I frantically attempted to get a Fender-esque sound but only achieved with low watt practice amps (FM 25 and a Champ).

Clean sounds were adequate, however, for Skynyrd and other 70s rock. Crunch as well. Again, as a variety player, I simply need the option for the bite of a strat.

- VERY well made.
- VERY clean.
- Awesome neck and overall workmanship.
- The action was fantastic right out of the store!

- Limited (or disappointing) electric sounds compared to other guitars in price range.