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topeye's review"Godin XTSA"

Godin xtSA
I am an intermediate player who was looking for an "all in one" guitar. I play in a worship band (acoustic), lead (only guitar) in a 60s/70s/80s/90s/00s rock band, and am the lead singer/co-guitarist (mainly lead) in a variety party band. I played it through my TECH 21 Trademark 60, with MXR Comp & TC electronic OD in front and TC Electronic NOVA in the effects loop.

The workmanship and finish on this guitar is PERFECT! The neck is buttery, and the intonation right out of the store was perfect as well. I played it through a Mesa Mark at the store and didn't get the strat brightness I'd hoped for but blamed it on the amp. Even with the split coils in 2nd and 4th selected position, I was skeptical but bought it anyway. The hex pickup for MIDI apps tracks great, but I don't think it's an improvement over the separately mounted Roland pickups (I have one a cheap start that tracks as well). The controls are intuitive as well. The acoustic pickup is adequate but definitely lacks the brightness of other options (strats, teles, Epi LPs, cheap Parkers.) However, I could live with all those things, but I have taken it back for one reason -- the electric pickups. Other reviews have warned that the pickups are too "warm" or "vanilla." I agree. I frantically attempted to get a Fender-esque sound but only achieved with low watt practice amps (FM 25 and a Champ).

Clean sounds were adequate, however, for Skynyrd and other 70s rock. Crunch as well. Again, as a variety player, I simply need the option for the bite of a strat.

- VERY well made.
- VERY clean.
- Awesome neck and overall workmanship.
- The action was fantastic right out of the store!

- Limited (or disappointing) electric sounds compared to other guitars in price range.

Steveguitarist's review"Versatile But Flawed"

Godin xtSA
I bought this primarily to use as an "all around" guitar. Acoustic, synth, electric in one instrument. I find the electronics to be fairly good. However, the guitar weighs more than any other I own, including my Strat and Tele. Noise resonates through the tremolo. Plumber's tape on the arm threads did not help. It does not stay in tune. I do like the acoustic pickup. (Just don't forget to unplug the guitar or the acoustic battery will die.) But, the Godin electric pickups are a bit disappointing. I'm sure the original issues with Seymour Duncans must have been better. The synth tracking is very good. As you would expect with a built-in system versus an add-on. Overall it's a solid 5 out of 10. The weight is the worst thing about it by far. Pair that with the tuning problem and you'd better have a real need for it's versatility or look to another axe for what you require.

papalolo's review"Awesome, ultra-comprehensive"

Godin xtSA
I bought directly in Canada. This is the only guitar I have bought without trying it out before. It's the most versatile guitar there is. It's 3 instruments in 1.
1 acoustic-electric part, 1 electric part with 5 pickups in HSH configuration, and a hexaphonic sensor to control a MIDI pedal (ROLAND GR20), all quite usable, even for beginners, it's not a Rube Goldberg machine.
A nice violin layer when picking, and it doesn't sound like a toy at all...It really does the trick and, furthermore, it conceals unwanted string's a real treat.
Go watch it on youtube.
Like any good product, the guitar + pedal combination is pricey.
The GR20 comes with a GK3 which I installed on a's not very easy to adjust. When set too low, some notes go missing, you get too much latency, and too high it gets all mixed up. On the Godin it's perfect, no need to adjust anything.
Further, the craftsmanship is impeccable, the neck is precise, it doesn't go out of tune...It's a high-end product.

patachew's review

Godin xtSA
I'm posting this review after several weeks of owning this guitar. This guitar is manufactured in Canada. The bridge is a simple floating type bridge (not a Floyd, fortunately). To tighten it you need a very fine Allen key (I'm a fan of this system because you can leave it open or, on the contrary, block it, while with some other systems with screws or other systems, the tightening of the tremolo goes down the drain...).
It has 22 frets, and Godin HSH pickups for the magnetic part, a quality piezo and a built-in GK system. The neck is rather thick (similar to a folk neck), which might throw off persons used to slimmer necks à la ESP/Ibanez. The magnetic pickups do their job fine, even if they are a bit noisy with high distortions. The machine heads are normally auto-blocking, but the tuning on mine doesn't hold long, especially on the famous G string. Maybe an adequate adjustment fixes this minor issue.

It comes with a Schaller Strap Lock, which forces you to update your strap, but I have been strap locking almost all my guitars for some time now... So I'd say the strap lock is a good point.


The neck is quite pleasant, once you've adapted to its thickness. It's fairly well-balanced, not too heavy (despite everything that's inside...) and access to the upper frets poses no problems. In terms of sound, it has a very characteristic acoustic and overdrive sound, the distorted sounds could be better, replacing the Godin pickups with some Seymour, for instance. The piezo sound, better than good (that's a general rule for Godin guitars). As for the synth part, I'll edit my review once I have bought the GR system (I plan to get the GR55).


I play mainly rock and I get a wide array of sounds, even a pretty convincing "shredder" sound. I play mainly with a KORG multi-effects or a Blackstar pedal (directly into the console). I think once you change the pickups for some Seymour, you can play anything with it.


I've been using it for several weeks and I've had lots of different guitars. I like especially the instrument's versatility (and its three voices). On the other hand, the machine heads and the pickups are the guitar's weakest points. I bought it secondhand for €700, but it usually goes for €800-€900, and the price is quite reasonable for a guitar of this level. If I had a little more money, I would've gotten an LGXT, the model right above, to have Seymours by default and a more polished finish.

jeffguitar's review"Okay but not amazing"

Godin xtSA
Where is it made? Canada

How many frets and what kind of pickups does it have? What's the pickup configuration?
3 Godin-type pickups, two humbuckers and one single-coil
+ One piezo for electric sounds
+ One piezo for synth access

What kind of bridge does it have (Floyd Rose, Wilkinson....)?
It has vibrato but no Floyd, it's the classic type with springs

What controls does it have (volume, tone, pickup selector...)?
One volume / one tone control for the three classic pickups
Vol + Bass + medium + treble controls for the acoustic-electric part
One volume for the synth
One split to toggle between them
One split for the synth settings

What kind of neck does it have?
Mahogany neck with ebony touches
I think it's a bit sticky, even though I've cleaned it up completely to no success (I don't like mahogany)


Is the neck comfortable?
Apart from the fact that the rear is sticky, yes it's fast and easy to play

Is the access to the upper frets easy?
YES, thanks to the skillfully carved cutaway

Does the instrument have an ergonomic design (body shape, weight...)?
The guitar is heavy, but it's like an all-purpose Swiss-army knife

Is it easy to get the right sound? ...
Yes! But careful, the output level is twice as high as that of a Clapton Strat or any other Godin and even a Takamine with the electric (these are three of my favorite guitars)... Watch out with the volume pot and involuntary distortions with multi-effects!


Does it suit your music style?
You can do anything with it! So, yes.

Which amp(s) or effect(s) do you use with it?
I play a GNX directly connected to a PA system or, when I play on my own, I use a Stagepass

What kind of sounds do you get and what settings do you use ("crystal-clear", "fat", ...)?
Anything! It's a Swiss-army knife!

Which sounds do you prefer / hate?
I think the MIDS are a bit light. The lows are often too low and the highs too high. It might lack an additional pot... And the remarks some other people have made regarding the split and the tuners are true.


How long have you been using the product?
3 months

Which feature do you like the most / the least?
I can go to any bar and play ALONE with my multi-effects, my GR20 and my Stagepass, and it all fits in the trunk of my old cabrio! No need to carry three guitars, two amps...

Did you try any other models before buying this one?
I already have 10 guitars and have played an awesome one: The Parker... But it's too expensive

How would you rate its value for money?
Considering the price I bought it for... Excellent

Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? ...
Yes! I bought it to go easier on my Clapton Strat equipped with GK3 and my Takamine, which has started to age a bit and it cost my a kidney to get it refretted this year. It doesn't have the same appeal as the others, though... I think it's a "salable" (but not disposable) guitar

yin-yang-music's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin xtSA
- Guitar made in Canada
- Equipped with a 2-point vibrato on which the sensors are piezo (for his "sound" and the synth)
- The neck is mahogany with ebony fingerboard
- The body is silver maple with poplar wings, all covered with a maple top beautiful.
- The pickups are two humbuckers GODIN and a single.
- 3 knobs (volume + tone microphones, synth volume), a switch (Guitar solo / guitar + synth / synth solo) and a switch for selection of synth patches or her options by config pedalier synthesizer used.
- On the upper wing, 4 mini faders for adjusting the micro piezo (volume, bass, mid, treble)
- 1 5-way switch (micro serious / serious "single / single / single acute + / mic acute)
- 2 output jacks (humbuckers-single/humbuckers-single + piezo) + 1 synth output (21 pin)


- The handle is round and its quite pleasant touch, as is the ebony fingerboard and jumbo frets
- It's a pretty heavy guitar and well balanced. The various knobs are well laid out.
- Access to treble is correct, the heel of the neck is slightly thinner.
- The mix of all sources gives a max of sounds. The piezo adds teeth if used mixed with humbuckers. Used alone, it can sound very clean, sound closer to a dedicated amplifier. The synthesizer allows all possible delusions.


Sound is a chameleon! The microphones that equip remain very clean, but the quality of volume and tone potentiometers allow precise dosing different microphones for a sound measure. So the lens of fat, they also allow "cruncher" but still accurate. According to the amp used (electric or electro-acoustic), this guitar suits all styles, but not for heavy metal drooling either!


In short, I repeat, is a chameleon of sound, already by the accuracy of microphones and settings. In addition, the violin is superb, it's really a beautiful guitar. And if you are looking for a guitar capable of driving a synth, do not look any further, Godin guitars are a reference in this field, the sensors are optimized, and the ebony fingerboard improves the accuracy of game controller keyboards.

Say it is perhaps not a guitar shredder: a rather thick neck, a tremolo style stratosphere (so that if you disagree bullies too), clean instead of microphones ...

I use this guitar for a year. I paid about 900 € and considering the quality is not stolen, even at list price (+ € 1400) so I would do without this choice problem.

blue.not's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin xtSA
See above
Very good scratch at wood and finishes ... But wraps are not yet mechanical top. I have changed the Sperzel! and here I am quiet. Besides the self-locking system with a whammy bar is great. I do not support pack saddle strings, because when you have to give or change a line is a mess!
The pickups are also rather disappointing, although they are very good. I found them in time a bit bland, no personality ... Godin team models above with seymour for 1000 euros more. Well I've changed the pickups and treble with sleeves Seymours 59 (neck) and SH6 (bridge) and there is my top for € 180 more. Another negative point, the microphones on positions 2 and 4 are not split or splitables. What I am do to have a great sound close to the stratum for all that is funk and blues. You lose a little power, but to play stuff finest, no need for a more swollen volume.


The handle is very nice, access to acute is suitable, it is not an sg, but hey that's okay. It is a bit heavy, but as they say what is heavy is good, so between the electronic board and wood, but it's still very tolerable ... Still better to have a good strap because after an hour's concert was a little sore in the shoulder.


I play a little bit of everything, and obviously the highlight of the skyscraper is its versatility. I play a Peavy any lamp, with the new pickups I have a good sound, vintage rock and very kind to Paul, however I find that my sound is much better than my friend who has a les paul studio a marshall tube. Micros splits very strat. The neck position is perfect for jazz solos and well rounded. Ah I think that compared to other guitars, the knobs do not allow too many possibilities, it flies at the two extremes, and we can not really play with the volume effects. The piezzos are not bad, it makes not like the heat of a real acoustic, but it's a bonus!


I use it for three years, despite the negative points raised (and solved with minor changes) is my favorite skyscraper as it allows me to just play without having to change scratch: acoustic, rock, funk, blues, jazz . I am not using the synth guitar part, maybe one day ... but hey you still have a synthesizer or a computer with software, in short, the gear and more ... And if I want to play the synth I bought one and not a guitar. So for now I added this tool is useless to me.
The strong point and it's a little bit why I chose it. I find it very beautiful, and somewhat original. The next shot to play with a les paul or a tele (even if it sounds of hell) is not too much for me, I wanted to stand out.

steph78's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin xtSA
- This guitar is made in Canada in color flame
- 22 frets, HSH
- With a simple vibrato
- 13-pin output synthe
- Micro soties mix piezo and magnetic + magntique
- 5-way switch, volume guitar, synth volume and tone
- Handle normal D ebony fingerboard


- Good access to acute + +
- Magnificently guitar despite its weight (all mahogany!)
- Sounds great trs trs diverse and rich hamon,
- Grace's 13-pin connector connects a GR20 is ettend yet its application to research sound (magique!)


Sound RAS
- For all types of sounds and styles (Fender Start or auditory or both!)
- Shuffled sound possible with micro + GR20
- Trs clear with a standard substain


Global Reviews
- I use it for 6 months
- Versatile with a superb finish
- Trs good report quality price
(Strongly increased recently 1230Euros minimum without the cover)
- Trs trs is beautiful ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin xtSA
Guitar made in usa, perfect original setting, but big enough handle very comfortable thanks to the Ergocut decoupe.
volume tonalite and a synth sound equalizer and volume over volume


Very good ergonomics, a little heavy, but it's tough to near last!


I especially utlise home studio with a roland is VG8 is paradise.
no stall with 13-pin din, it's pro!
at the micro level is not the fender or gibson custom shop but it happens on a good amp.
the piezo is good but it will not replace a good acoustics.


I use it for 1 year and it has become my companion and my secret weapon in the studio.
Especially through the synthesizer output.
I have a collection of very beautiful guitars (les paul, gibson lucille (that of bb), stratocaster custom shop very rare) but I think this one is a perfect complement
as a guitar at all do, really very good and all as good as the top models in range Godin.
It is a very reliable guitar

sct's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin xtSA
Three separate outputs, 22 round boxes
see the site of Godin
The lifts are good no more (lack of precision for my taste). The bridge is floating.
Two humbuckers a simple


Channel lovely matte varnish is very nice, the key is accurate. the frets will win the round certainly use.


Guitar versatile neutral itself. The settings are fine and must be controlled to take all the wealth of this guitar.


Overall opinion for this guitar for 1 week tested:
Very good first contact (nice handle, knobs that fall easily to hand, etc ...)
For guesthouse found against hum lack of insulation in position micro merely annoying for use in home studio.
The output pin 13 certainly offers advantages (not yet tested), but a more standard solution would be more practical (MIDI standard).
Very good guitar to finish almost perfect. Cons: The not very accurate mechanical for my taste, no blocking position against a chevalet.Par 9 for the fact that it comes with a soft case of good quality but requires the purchase for the nomads of a stronger body.