Ibanez Egen18 Prestige

Ibanez Egen18 Prestige

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Egen18 Prestige, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the Herman Li series.

4 user reviews
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Ibanez Egen18 Prestige tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Ibanez
  • Model: Egen18 Prestige
  • Series: Herman Li
  • Category: STC-Shaped Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 02/19/2009

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Ibanez Egen18 Prestige user reviews

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
Value For Money :

iamqman's review"Who likes finger marks on their guitar?"

Ibanez Egen18 Prestige
Why on earth would someone want to have finger marks on their guitar? I'm sorry but this guitar looks terrible! Who in their right mind would like to have what looks like someones fingers got branded into the horn of the body wood. Does this makes sense to Herman or anybody at Ibanez. I am wondering if Ibanez themselves thought...man this is ugly but that it how we are told to make it. Then to top it all off by charging an arm and a leg for this thing. You have got to be kidding me!


Ibanez EGEN18 Signature Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

* Color: Transparent Violet Flat
* Body: Mahogany
* Top: Flame maple
* Neck material: 5-piece maple/ walnut
* Neck type: EGEN
* Frets: Jumbo frets
* Fingerboard: Rosewood
* Fingerboard radius: 430mm
* Inlay: Abalone ovals
* Bridge: Edge Zero bridge
* Neck pickup: DiMarzio HLM-N
* Middle pickup: DiMarzio HLM-S
* Bridge pickup: DiMarzio HLM-B
* Scale length: 25.5"


The neck is nice like most Ibanez's, but to have this thing draped in what looks like purple velvet. Man this guitar is a big old pass for me. The tone isn't bad and the guitar it self is build solid. I am impressed with the cleans in this guitar. They are very crystal clear and polished.

Surprisingly enough since this guitar is for a metal guy the distortion in it didn't impress me at all. I didn't like the tone and it wasn't very resonant.


The price on this guitar is way out of reach for many people. You better be a huge fan of Dragonforce to pay the hefty price tag for this guitar. At new these guitars come in at around $2500, which to me is way over priced. I could see that price for a Vai guitar or someone a lot of guitar people follow. I'm sure Herman has a following for him to get a signature guitar but not at this price.

For the money you could have a sweet sounding Charvel or a Suhr for this price which would be better built in my opinion. So unless you are a fanboi then this is a big pass for me.

falgorh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" almost the ultimate guitar!"

Ibanez Egen18 Prestige
I will not repeat what was said previously.
Instead I will try to highlight what I think is important.

it is manufactured in Japan, the Nagoya plant, like all Ibanez Prestige.
the bridge is the most complex I have ever seen.
it is a third-generation model of Ibanez, namely ZPS3.
it's a killer in terms of tuning, stability, and in terms of grouping play vibrato.

the hardware is gold plated and it is true that the most beautiful effect.
Some guitars are oriented fluff, which is not the case here, where the dominant class.

the handle is confusing at first, so it is flat, even for experienced users of Ibanez.
Indeed, it has a radius of curvature significantly reduced compared to the average, and an increased width, accentuating the flat side.
but rest assured, comfort is absolute, and the last fret scallopées increase sustain high notes significantly.
for a game or a game Shredd more rock or blues, it is perfect, past the surprise of discovery for those who are accustomed to more rounded sleeves.

In addition, the instrument is really beautiful aesthetically, and the fact that there are fingerprints on the body of Hermann adds a little extra, something that I like also to any guitar.


ergonomics of the guitar is excellent.
it's very light, while having a certain robustness.

access to acute hyperfacile is, with additional cuttaway can go for a ride to the 24th box without worry.

as to get a good sound, it's not easy to get one, it's hard not to do it!

a great thing also is that the volume knob has a very low resistance, which makes it very quick to turn, to play on the attack with great ease!

Now, two caveats though.
-The jack is low side, so that when using a good angled jack, and that the features in the way we want, we find ourselves in a case that they can not use the whammy bar in a sense, according to the provision of coudoir jack, or the other if PROVISIONS RELATED reverse.
it takes to do this using a linear head jack in order to raise and lower his vibrato at will.

The central micro-mounted on the factory model a little too close to the strings to compensate for the loss of power over head bridge and pickups.
and suddenly, for those who play with a pick, just look, they will pick shots right on the magnets of micro medium, so they are close to the strings.
remains is to play a little off magnets but hey, in the heat of the moment, it's boring, is to lower his microphone medium, but it will lose power.

without these, it would have been perfect-!


for sounds, I think the key has been said.
it is a monstrosity of versatility, depth and power.
short, I do not see anything bad about this instrument.


I use it for 2 years, and this is one of my favorite guitars, and most played.
I have a string of guitars, so it's true that I play a lot on one of them is that it is a step up.

value for price is right, it would be 3500 euros if it were a French or American brand.

with experience, I would of course make the same choice.

NB: note that the "unbalanced" (we laugh ...:)) who like many large heavy guitars are not likely to appreciate its lightness, is frustrated potential "lack of body."
that's right, but there are guitars for those who love the fine, and others for those who love the free fight.

psykopilo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez Egen18 Prestige
Guitar factory in Japan (Ibanez prestige requires SERIES) Designed for / by Herman Li Chinese madman of DragonForce.
Floyd zero edge pro home Ibanez (their best floyd)
Channel EGEN Prestige, 24 cases with 4 dernires scaloppes frets.
A slecteur 5 positions for micro Herman Li Models (HLM).
So much for the specs, I'm not the champion in so you better go direct information on the Ibanez website (or see notice above;))
In any case we are on the high end.


The guitar is super fine and lgre! It's really enjoyable trs, and provided a sound that was really rsons. The handle on him is more than a highway, it offers ease of play dconcertante, Access in acute is really easy.
Trs quickly found its top again. Whether solo or rhythm you find your happiness. It is against trs end that can handle Drout fans larger (not as bad course even if this guitar is orgasmic: p).

I have only one small problem dplorer: the floyd.
I stopped, it is super stable, super sensitive. One can make the bte scream as you want with it! But when changing strings, to do my alignment I confronted a t worry, wheel rglage possde a hole to turn to a lever with the cls allen except that once you turned a little, there accde more! I basically rgler of pressing like crazy with my thumb. I think I have something to zapp in fact, if anyone knows, an MP is welcome!


Sound? It's simple: you can play everything. In micro splitter and fiddling on his amp you end up with the stratum 'Mark Knopfler in his hands! It equally crdible on large distos on a clean of the crystalline. I am the branch every day on Peavey Vypyr 60 Tube, not really an equivalent range of the guitar but j'obtient a really great sound. Fat, crunch, lens, hot, cold, you can do anything with this beautiful toy, and I can not get enough. The one thing I expect is to plug it into a set baffle / head in Mesa for it expresses its full potential.

Now let me talk about ct "big solos of death that kills (your fingers)" that is, the shred. In fact you hold the ultimate weapon, the sweep that does not drool on the neck pickup on the bridge pickup harmonic wheezing that t'explose eardrums and brain to the passage you have everything. In addition you can bring out the nuances of trs distinctly his game I like the solos particulirement the most complex and destructive (DF, Rondat, Dream Theater and cronies) to transcribe the EGEN only pure happiness!
again 10


It's been three months that I use, 5 years since I played electric guitar. Buy without even trying it (but informing me on the net all the same), it is worth sre and more I'm a fan of DF. I always jou on Ibanez from beginners (a jackson in between), this guitar down n'tait that see little mid-range of the shot I really made a leap forward. Design can not please everyone, but personally j'adhre totally aware that the true dor does not bling bling but much vritable gold plated.

Is what I would do it a choice? Let's say I'm at the point of wanting to make a collection (one standard, one in Drop D, gives a tone lower, a drop in C etc ...). While it rated CHRE (2400 average) I have had opportunities for 1800 but I have a pride of having worked hard and now I am ample rcompens of my efforts!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez Egen18 Prestige
Ibanez prestige EGENI 18 Herman Li signature. Manufactures in Japan. Flat handle 24 cases in Saddle / walnut, rosewood fingerboard SCALOP 24me box of 20; body shape stratovolcano in mahogany table Saddle flame: Mechanical Gotoh gilded bath oil; floyd rose floating tremolo type edge-zero Ibanez, a slecteur five positions; volume push / pull, a knob in shade, three DiMarzio HLM (Herman Li Model) double / single / double and a single transparent purple color. Small details and more aesthetic (or less depending on taste) grip "Kung Fu" on the horn multimdia measurements made on the hand of the master Li in person.
This guitar representation, and with some others at the top of the basket Ibanez. Everything is done manually and is ame discover the pleasure of the name of the luthier who has the beautiful fawns.


At first sight, this guitar is made for guitarists who want to play faster and faster, stronger and more technical. Simply put a guitar specially dedicates to shreds metal. Well, not only! Sr is its slim neck, its 24 boxes which are hollow LATEST 4 so as not to ruin the fingertips on the button (and it works amazingly well), its access s notes treble dj stratode simple form and a simplified dcoupe the junction of body and neck instead of leaving the palm of the hand, a perfect balance, weighing the ger (just 3 pounds on the scale) and Dimarzio pickups great irrmdiablement to grow and we flew techniques quickly takes a virtuoso mtal and high speed. Yet even if the rock and left its field prdilection, this guitar is the champion of versatility and super sonic sound.


Sounds? ... But he can play anything with it. Jazz, blues, pop, rock, heavy everything is possible thanks to the configuration of microphones and a ingnieux push / pull the volume knob that provides 9 - yes! I did say 9! - Configurations of microphones and sound. We can get sounds from a Stratocaster or a tl but both a Les Paul. Sr is that dpart we get lost a little with so much choice but to quickly get got. I did not choose this guitar for anything other than this versatile sound and I must say that after a month of use, I'm absolutely not.
My first electric guitar is a PRS Singlecut birds microphones 22, the old models of this brand, in addition Whereas its weight (almost 8 pounds) I found that for dvelopper my songs, I lacked amplitude Tone in microphones. Indeed, the difference in shade between the microphones is almost imperceptible and I am forced to rework the sound using my rack effects (Boss GS10). I wanted to find a guitar unlike the PRS (which I still profondment attach to its ease of play).


In conclusion, I use this guitar for a month and I am very far from me yet adapted. Point "most" of this model is its versatility sound, I t also bluff by the sustain of this guitar is as thin as cigarette paper (j'exagre a bit but the location of the body broadest measure 2cm and thinner than 1cm), the beauty of this instrument that I had seen on magazine (even if i was a little retissant at dor fawn bling of: Mechanical) and the quality of the materials. The small dot "less" of this model - but it's a personal element - that is the handle. I got it too flat and does not slide very well but I must admit I am a follower of the round handle type Les Paul and I made some bad habits with the quality of the polish pass on the stick my PRS that provides a quality surf any evidence. The big point "less" is the availability of this instrument. If you have the chance to drop it in a store jump at the chance to try it because it is only very little distributes in Europe and waiting Time limits may be several months (it is handmade). For my part, I had the luck of the Representative to Ibanez in my store prfr which began tearing their hair out when I told him this model because it evoked had only three in the area and not sure they n'tait taient available at time of my order. Luckily, I REU next week. So do not count it a try. The solution is to do a test with an Ibanez S series of the EGENI 18 the same basis except of sr mics but you will be able to test the form, the ergonomics and guitar neck.
Like all products from Ibanez, the quality price ratio is excellent. It is with this product in a range well above models of brands from overseas and for a much LOWER price. remains even when a very dear (2,200 euros) but it's good stuff pro tration, which should not move and is expected to sell well on the second hand market. It is therefore an investment I would do if c'tait the case.
Since perfection is not, I can not put a 10.

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